November 21, 2007

Seattle's King Street Station

King Street Station Nov. 2007.

The usual….breakfast on them, return the rental, and make it to the train on time. Yes, I was singing.

I wandered the interior, he the exterior. The restoration moves along doggedly. For instance, the windows are new. The entrance lobby is done. Other areas still have walls on top of flooring that was once part of a whole.

We peeked into things, I admit. Look at that wonderful ceiling hidden above the modern dropped ceiling. Below are pictures of the "Women's Waiting Room" now closed in behind doors. The wonderful marble stairs are closed off as are the balconies. With a lot of help from Photoshop, you can see the small spiral stair enclosed behind wall board too.

A restored column.

Then we were called. Time to board the Coast Starlight. Time to haul our things on board and discover if we have a roomette facing the ocean, time to make lunch reservations. We could do this.

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