December 31, 2007

2007 Auto Show: 2

Part two of two.

The new Lincoln MKRdream car. Not a small car at all.

We like concept cars. This Lincoln MKR is nice and flashy and looks like it would be fun to drive. Each brand brought their fun and flashy concept cars to the show, but this one arrived without a lot of fuss and fanfare. Other’s, like the new Camero, have been much anticipated.

I post this so you can see that I too can wedge myself into this too small car door. Imagine, I spent twelve years of my life wedged into the front seat of a too small sports car….and I lived to tell you this.

After our second sweep of the Convention Center, where a competing company had gotten the bid to do the security on this job by underbidding us on salary, I stopped in to the ladies room.

“That’s an awfully nice camera,” a very pleasant woman at the next sink said.

“I am enjoying it,” I said before the long pause to wash my hands, “and you seem awfully familiar.”

We exited the rest room, comparing apples to dates until we reached G and she said, “My name is Georgette.”

With a big grin I responded, “And my name is Georgette, and I remember you now. You were Don’s high school girl friend. He introduced us in the nineties.”

And he had. She was a delightful teacher who had just bought her first house, had a life filled with teaching school and taking classes….each class she took raised her pay and so her retirement, and took things like tap dancing class to spur on her imagination. Our two busy lives had quietly grown apart.

We spent the rest of the afternoon together. Lunch, viewing the Toyota trucks outside on the 4x4 track, then she showing us the collectables and restorations on the upper floors. I’d not known they were even up there…and how did they get there.

Sometimes the Car Guy is right, and what you really need to do is go see the car show.

We glided home to rest………a long rest for me. The one day my hip had felt so good at work, without Tylanol, had seriously set my hip muscles back. Months back. So now I cannot stand and walk anywhere without pain. Walking the car show left me limping my way through TarJay yesterday, and I can see hobbling around the library in my destiny for the day today. I’ll visit the doc next week as I want to be leaping my way into baseball by March.

Gee, didn’t I buy one of those new?

Duck: He loved his basket of flowers. G had his doubts. He ate….but left all his crusts. Perhaps it is time to take him to the dentist again. Perky tho.

Me: Got the wash done yesterday, and got all G’s goodies from Target put away. Today talk with Bee after she get’s back from a morning at Kaiser, take inky clothes to cleaners, work at library, hug Duck, bed. Such a simple day. Only two more days of eating with abandonment. We did eat chocolate yesterday….mmmmmmmmmmmmmm good.

G: He’s on the trail of our new medical cards. He’s missing a front crown and the sharp edge cut his lower lip. I need to see a doc about my hip.

Weather: 67 for the high. 42 for the low. Socked in with fog when I got up.

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