December 30, 2007

2007 Auto Show

Part one of two.

The 2010 Dodge Challenger.

He’d been looking forward for two weeks to the Auto Show. Antenna out and ready. He’s been in the automotive business in one form or another for years, and the annual Auto Show is Nirvana to an Auto Man.

You knew and I knew that the Camero drew him right into the Chevy’s. Any man with a Chevy watch and a wife wearing a Chevy visor would be Chevy focused. He liked the Charger better.

“I had one in a puky green,” he stated once before the new one and then again upstairs while visiting a restoration.

And visit we did. Starting with the Fords, traveling down one side to the DB cars, then up the middle going ga-ga over the Dodge designs. After that Mopar pause, we sauntered by the exhibit from the Automotive Museum, and headed back down the center isle. Gotta cover every inch.

Lots of cars and trucks to be sure, but this year they weren’t all gasoline. There was a tremendous offering in the way of alternative fuel vehicles. Perhaps someone heard our cry at last. There was even an amazing Hybrid Yukon. There were hydrogen cars, electric cars with small gas motors, one solar vehicle, and a variety of bio-diesel in cars and trucks.

The news media tells us that this year blue will be the color. We found orange was the color titillating our senses at this auto show. Yellow too. Bling here, flash there, paint jobs to jazz up something old or new, all just to catch our attention and draw us to a halt.

The Camero coming out in 2009, that other dramatic Chevy, which get’s 40 mpg, will be out in 2010. We checked for milage knowing they could do far better than they showed us. Bling instead of milage. I like pretty cars, but I wanted over forty miles a gallon.

One of G’s bosses was there. We shared pleasantries. That was ok too.

Did we really used to leap in and out of these things? be continued.

Duck: We are taking him some good, fake spring flowers to Velcro to his hospital table.

Me: Hemmed levis so now have fatter two pair, (or is that two pair for a fatter me.) Walked a good few hours today, painfully, looking for replacement white and black turtlenecks. Traveled thrift stores to Ross and found them new at Target. 70% off everything today. Still exchanging email about return of borrowed things from Ba’s house.

G: Wanted to go to Tarjay. His wish is my command. He loaded up the car with 70% off Christmas stuff.

Weather: 62 for the high. 42 for the low. It was felt colder than that up here on top of the hill so was probably 59 and 39. The old quilt is working it’s magic and we be warm.

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