December 26, 2007


Duck at home Christmas Day, 2007.

Duck: We surprised him at an early hour finding both roomies up, dressed, and watching TV. The warm fleece lap robe really didn’t mean anything to him, but G and I know I embroidered his name on it. He certainly did recognize the See’s chocolates as his favorite kind. “Oh, you want to make me sick all day,” he laughed taking the first piece from the box.

Me: I did pretty well till the end when I became cranky. Shame on me.

G: Heroic Dad indeed. Complemented by Eldest daughter Marie for being the best dad, for being loving no matter what the struggle over all the years when they weren’t his.

Weather: 62 for the high. 42 for the low.

The Fat Old Artist writes that she and a friend didn’t nosh this year but theatered through New York on Christmas Day. The last play they attended left them a bit shattered. I found the only The only shattering around here was me in the crush of family yesterday. Too much noshing here too. Weight watchers starting the first. Ah, reality. That too shouldn’t be at all shattering as I knew what I was doing.


At least the noshing was a huge success. Most of a dozen-egg, egg salad vanished into sandwiches as did all of the honeyed ham and cheese. Only a few ate the chicken salad, but I am grateful as it is my favorite. Amazingly no one ate pecan pie and few nibbled on the pumpkin pie. Most every bite of a huge tray of brownies vanished with the leftover’s heading to grandson Aaron’s room at Balboa Naval Hospital. A good ending for a brownie any old day.

Acres of presents were handed out by this year’s Santa, Beth. She arrived at the door arrayed in her Letterman’s jacket only in this case she’s a she. Good stuff that too.

Four years music, soccer, and baseball….plus a championship patch on the arm.

I was the recipient of the most laughs as daughter Maria got back at me by handing out gifts to everyone in beautifully prewapped boxes all labeled “give the box to Georgette.” She was retaliating for forty-five some-years of not being allowed to tear the paper off my recycled boxes. Both kids and I laughed until I cried as box after box piled up in my lap.

Lovely stuff laughter.

Lenora and her daughter Mohave crept up on us Christmas Eve and decorated the whole of our steps and porch in volumes of poinsettias and greens. What a sight to greet our eyes Christmas morning.

I bet you anything she found them in the trash.

On the day itself, we were spoiled by gifts from everyone by the bag and bushel load. It was the year to share indeed. Share paper too. After I write here, write thank you notes, I’ll box and bag the detritus to go out and run the dust mop to catch the leaverites.

The presents I got for G were quietly accepted. The coat has to go back. Too big. We will brave the store this evening. He totally spoiled me by buying me a new camera…..which arrived at the absolute exact moment my Olympus decided to begin its death by overheating. The new Canon PowerShot has 12.1 mega pixels, a 6x zoom, and two kinds of image stabilizers. A great plus was that I could, with great help and hand holding, figure out how to use it despite it being a new electronic device. What it wouldn’t do fusslessly is download to either computer. Once we added their software, it worked. Both our computers are too old. Technology has caught up with us once again.

I was cranky about this. Perhaps I ate too much chocolate. Shame on me….and it was wonderful chocolate tho. Perhaps I was worried because no one called me about Thursday’s work. At least I didn’t sit down on the floor and kick my heels and cry while dear G struggled to get the new camera to download. I should have apologized more profusely, but I was very grateful when he finally got it to work in two stages.

This morning dear Martha came and banished most of the dirt to where ever dust mites live out their ends. I’ve done two loads of laundry, thrown out all that’s supposed to go out, and send off an email with my new guard card. I was reminded of my blessings as I worked on the beautiful photographs of my family to send off to the far corners of the earth this morning. I share a few with you all with great joy.

Left to Right: Beth as Santa, MA, Aaron, Ella and Mohave, Lenora and Mohave, Beth and Aaron.


  1. Sounds like a lovely time. The porched looked wonderful, what a nice surprise.

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