December 18, 2007

Catching The Season

Holiday Images: 2007 tree with packages.

Stopping by the holiday:

  • John is shopping for the essentials before the shelves are bare, Dee at Coffee Bean Goddess has given us the Drifters singing White Christmas in a Held cartoon, and Alice at Wintersong touches our heart with “Stealing Christmas Trees.”

  • I’m taking a moment to think beyond the holidays this morning. My tiny tree is up, the packages are wrapped….tho I have a dreadful sneaking feeling that I am short one somewhere, and woyopracmo caught my eye at Yum Yum CafĂ©. World Yoga Practice Month will be upcoming in January. Though I cannot seem to successfully stretch anything without damage these days, I can do simple yoga moves happily. It will be good for me, frankly. Hopefully very gentle stretches combined with breathing exercises will help me build my stamina for the upcoming baseball season. I do love it there.

  • On Open Diary, might I call your attention to MsNoSign who takes you on a December tour of her bay. My bay too. You will like it.

  • The most exciting holiday entry of all is from Dave Dog as he recuperates at his parent’s home from surgery. He didn’t think he had anything to say, but he did.

I leave you with a special Santa. My dear G got roped into the job at his previous company, and they stuffed and padded him until he was dying of the heat in there. You can’t tell, but I know it’s him.

Duck: Still wanting his cards between book ends. I’m going to run by Staples this morning and get one of those small desk thingy’s where you can stand papers upright vs the bookends he wants that his shakes will vibrate right off the table. We can Velcro it to his hospital table.

Me: It’s all still with me.

G: Beginning to lighten up indeed. The bad jokes are blossoming, and he is sounding like a kid again. His new partner at work is a nerd too. He’s the oldest guy at work and is the happiest nerd there as he discusses gaming computers with his new partner. Weather: 62 and showers later. Sun this morning.

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