December 6, 2007

A Ducky Tree

A one foot tall Ducky tree. December, 2007.

I don’t know what to get G for Christmas. Not at all. He doesn’t need anything. He doesn’t seem to want anything, and anything I have suggested he’s put the kibosh to. It’s beyond frustrating.

I suggested a small model Chevy truck. I laid out the Smithsonian catalogue right next to his computer for a month and got nada. I went to great fuss about iPods, including taking him to the store, and got a firm no. He’s said fourteen times he doesn’t need any more clothes, and he doesn’t. I did find a perfect sleek cut black leather coat at the Cancer Society Thrift Store, and he said clearly that he didn’t want it.

He does want a new computer, and I admit his five year old computer, which has been upgraded and upgraded, is a boat anchor. It flaps slowly when he needs to be jetting. It won’t play his games, the video card is good only as a dustcatcher, and it doesn’t meet the bottom line specs that the new versions of his games need to run.

I’m not buying him a computer. You know and I know that any decision I would make would be the wrong one even if I used his notes.

He doesn’t seem like he is into the usual Christmas depression stuff. Then again, he’s really good at hiding that. He’s been grumpy this last week, and anything I have said has made it worse. This leads me to be a bit on edge, but I still have to get him something even if he is biting my head off. He did read my latest poem. Not a laugh out of him. He just told me it was verbose. It would be nice if he was.

So I am going to get him something and love him despite his holiday grumpy's. It'll be one of those "hold my breath" gifts.

Duck: He was fine yesterday and even recalled more information from his chat with his cousin…..who sent him a Christmas Card. He couldn’t find the dining room.

Me: Read “Plaid” to the workshop. They liked it. Tidied bottom floor. Started on second floor and got sidetracked by cleaning out dresser. Nice tidy drawers now.

G: Grumpy.

Sweeping Haiku

My small broom herds the
broken fragments of green glass.
Christmas memory.

And a happy St. Nicolas Day to you all. I am reminded of this lovely beginning to the holiday season by Yum Yum Cafe.


  1. love the tree. it is so hard to find the perfect gift.

  2. Surely, you can give us a hint. A hold your breath gift, what can that be!

  3. Finally worked out how to leave a comment on blogger! Thanks, Mage! And I know that pressie selecting problem only too well... :-)


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