December 16, 2007

A Football Kind Of Day

Holiday Images: Boxed modern, stripey balls.

Duck: We had one of those, “It’s in the closet by the door in my apartment” conversations.

Me: Tooth better at last.

G: He says he will do the laundry today.

Weather: Cold for here.
It’s almost time to head for my tunnel. It’s 40 some degrees out there, and I am armed with many layers of clothing, a rolling case to hold the clothes plus lunch, and gratitude that I’m inside a tunnel instead of out in the cold.

You all have a lovely Sunday.

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  1. Alice at WintersongDecember 16, 2007 at 9:17 PM

    Glad the tooth's finally better. Are you sure it was the 40's? I thought your part of the planet never got much beyond the 60's! Brrrrrrrrrr, you might as well be here in Utah.


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