December 12, 2007

The Maid

There’s that smile. Just beginning. Pretty soon his dog will be laughing too. Summer, 2007

“I’m always amazed that you would go all the way to LA to clean Charles’s apartment,” I began.

“Did I do that?”

“Yes, and you would always tell me what a slob Charles was. Robert too.”

“When I went, I had two uniforms I would wear. One was a fancy uniform, and one was for real dirty work.”

G interrupted to ask, “And where did you get the French Maid costume?”

Just for a moment he had a shocked look on his face, and then he started laughing. He laughed so hard that he forgot what he was laughing at but he knew it was funny.

Duck: Back to autonomy and wearing the same clothes for five days. His sheets are clean tho.

Me: That tooth. Swollen. I had to call the dentist. The thought of losing that tooth yesterday froze me into a depression in front of the computer. No, he wouldn’t pull it because it was too badly infected. New antibiotic. They’ve used too many antibiotics on me over the years. I'm worried. He's trying to keep it in through the holidays at least.

G: Being able to know what is wrong helps him a lot.

Weather: G says, “There’ll be weather tomorrow. “Bout the same weather too.”

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