December 11, 2007


Portland Union Station from the over track bridge; Train trip, 2007.

Ah, I say to myself and turn to write another note.

Send card to Roy, says the first scribble. I’d misplaced my nephew and niece’s address. Only at 60 something am I learning how to be a part of a family which includes not losing addresses. If you come from a dysfunctional family as I do, you would really rather run the other way when family is mentioned. G arrived in my arms with a rather nice family. I have to teach myself how to interact with family. Sending Christmas cards is one way to do it.

Presents: I need to get these out of the way from the bedroom. Boxed and beribboned, they can go downstairs and under the tree clearing great swaths of space in the bedroom for living.

Walk: That’s a simple reminder to get me off my ass and on my feet. Hey…do you like being that big. Did you notice that your work uniforms are tight? How are you going to get your silkies underneath tight pants? Even if you are hobbling and waddling, get off your ass and out there.

Sometimes self talk leads to less calories, but sometimes it doesn’t usually during the holiday season.

Cookies: Yeah, yeah……I don’t need cookies, but it’s the writing group’s party tomorrow. We are mandated to bring something, and I am lead toward chocolate chip cookies. The lady giving the party is a baker, so I really shouldn’t do cookies, but I make a wicked chocolate chip cookie. Chocolate leads me on. My only excuse.

As the day moves on, there will be other notes on my little yellow pad. Perhaps I will add: bath with book. The J2’s gave me the newest Parker for Christmas. Maybe I should write a note about not writing my youngest an angry note. I’ve been including her on all the family email about the change in holiday stuff from the beginning. This morning there was a post that said, gee, this is the first I heard. Maybe the note I need to write is, don’t get angry, don’t get angry…….

More later…………

Other views of the restored and much beloved Portland Union Station, 2007.

Duck: Confused but having a good day. Plaid is getting more and more real every day.

Me: You can see me coming today. Bright pink sweats out there walking, indeed. Getting that poem in the mail too.

G: Humor and light improving, indeed.

Weather: Patches of blue between dark grey bits. Showers in the mountains later. Highs: 59ish.

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  1. Hopefully you do manage to take your "don't get angry" note to heart. A friend of mine says she learnt to become a lightening rod that drove all such zingers of her family's misbehaviour down into the ground.

    Surely, one nice chocolate cookie couldn't hurt?


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