December 20, 2007


Holiday Images: Antique 1950’s stripy balls. Sometimes I like these best of all. Look how they have all faded to a uniform pink.

It’s list and pile time again. In a little while, I’ll be off to the stadium my loins girded for rain and chill weather.

I’ve laid out my new silk long-johns for today’s Poinsettia Bowl. Got gloves, muffler, polartec layers, hat, and coats. My whole goal is to be warm while standing outside in the rain. Ditto for the Charger game on the 24th and for the Holiday Bowl on the 27th. Then there are playoffs on perhaps the 5th or 6th of January.

Another pile has my thinned down wallet with Guard Card and ID. Next to this is my hand brace, cell phone, flash light, handcuffs….yes, I said that. I just added two disposable clear rain poncho’s to the pile. Gotta have piles. Gotta have poncho’s.

The Q isn’t as camera friendly as Petco Park is, but I have proof I work there. Piles of pictures sit next to my paper journal waiting for me to put them in.

There's me at football: Top image, on my ramp at the stadium…..see the foot up on the bike rack just like it isn’t supposed to be. Middle is worst picture ever with mouth flapping open contrasting with a chin resting on my knees. The very bottom picture has to be my favorite of all work pictures. Me not quite as warmly dressed saying hi, like I do every day, to Zack. His gramma brings him by to see us all, and usually he is grinning at me instead of this solemn look.

Duck: Yanked the little, velcroed-to–the-table box off his table and had cards everywhere. Reaching a state of continual confusion.

Me: See above.

G: He’s taking the afternoon off work ostensibly to take me to the stadium, but I bet he plays computer games after visiting Duck.

Weather: 53 and showers by game time.


  1. Looks like you got most things covered. One other tip about keeping warm a tight woolen wrap around your kidneys and bladder. Like a motorcycle wrap, but in wool or fleece. This is the best way to keep out the cold.

  2. Well, Mage, you always send me scurrying to Internet Explorer to look up something you are mentioning.

    Today it was the Poinsettia Bowl and the Weather. First, I always thought the weather was PERFECT in San Diego.Now I learn that they expect it to be about 48 degrees at the game tonight. You're right. That is CHILLY!!!

    Then I learned who was playing in the game and that the Q you mentioned is Qualcomm. See how smart you are making me, Mage?

    I'll keep visiting your site every day and pretty soon they'll be begging me to be on Jeopardy.

  3. Alice from WintersongDecember 20, 2007 at 6:37 PM

    Hey mage. Today I saw your pony tail (or should I say plait) for the first time? I always wished my hair were thick enough to wear long. I'd never go the hairdresser and I'd just pull it back and wrap it around my head like a turban. I thought your hair was short. See how important it is to put pictures of ourselves in our blogs? Check out Wintersong on either Christmas Eve or Christmas day. I'm planning on photos of Hubby and me. You'll see I have a neck waddle that nearly hits my knees (if you can catch my side view)!

  4. Yes Lila and blacknwhitenread, brrrrrrr indeed, and damp too. Thank you all for your notes. Yes too, perhaps I was a little too warm. It still worked out well.

    And too, Nancy do you have a blog where I can leave notes. I truly appreciate your comments and humor.

    Alice.........see, I too have a chin to my knees. Right now no braid. I had it trimmed and it falls just below my shoulders and can be caught up in a clip to put in a baseball hat.

  5. No,Mage, I do not have a blog.

    I don't think I have the talent to keep it up every day or two, so I hope you don't mind if I read your blog and comment to you.

    I so enjoy reading about all the things you write about. Your train trip, your security work ( I watched the game on ESPN last night and looked in vain for you),
    your friends and family.

    So, if it's ok with you, I will just continue to read you and comment when the spirit moves me.

    Merry Christmas..


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