December 7, 2007

Storm Day

Storm surf and surfer. Judge the size of the surf by the size of the surfer. December, 2007.

The rain patters against the windows and on the roof. In the background I hear giant ships blow their horns as they make their way out the bay to sea. An airliner reverses its engines and the whine tells me that planes are landing over us today. Here I am says the rain. Here I am says the car carrier. Here I am says the wind as it blows the tree branches bare.

Today I stay warm while hacking and slashing at the newest piece. I hope I can have it ready to go in the mail to a contest today. Today too, while I rewrite it, I’ll run up and down the stairs doing laundry, keeping the doors open to let the fresh scent of warm clean clothes permeate the house.

Later, after wandering in the world of blogs, I’ll finish working on Duck’s Christmas cards and start on ours. Being able to do this little thing for Duck is a big gift for me. He doesn’t know how much he gives back to us as he sits there fading away in his confusions.

Duck: Very confused. Back to wondering where he lived, where we were, where the Christmas tree came from.

Me: Sorted Sale library books. Beach for a few minutes. The OPSociety cut the new poem to 32 lines over lunch. Shopped for G, and finished half of Duck’s cards. Picked out Ba’s tree and dinner at Phil’s BBQ with Ba. Good evening with G

G: Read my yesterday’s entry and realized what was going on. Went shopping for full spectrum lights. Discussed and read about SAD. Exercise and diet are contributing factors too.

Weather: Rain, wind, surf. Grey skies.

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  1. Don't you love seeing the storm from the comfort of your living room window, rather than from the cockpit of your boat?


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