December 29, 2007


The G’s, Christmas 2007.

Duck: Duck insisted that since he was in a hospital, they were saving energy. That’s why he was sitting in his room in the dark. We turned the light on, but when we left he turned it off and lay back down for a nap after 4 in the afternoon.

Me: Walked all day today. Found a very old and delightful friend walking, and we all walked together today. More tomorrow.

G: Walked with friend and I.

Weather: 65 for the high. 44 for the low. It was really colder than that.

Beesknees tagged me. Ah, and I thought I had escaped this one. I shall not be tagging anyone. Please feel free to do it if you please.

Rules: The first player of this game starts with writing 6 weird things/habits about themselves and then selects 6 others to write an entry about their 6 weird things/habits as well as state this rule clearly. After making your list of weird things, pick 6 others. They are allowed to laugh at you in your comments as much as they want. Don't forget to leave a note that says, "You are tagged!" in their diary.

I must confess that I am so tired from walking all day that these answers are a collaboration between both of us G’s.

1. I often leave my Christmas tree up until the end of January…G’s birthday. We both love our Christmas trees.

2. I keep taking weird surveys sent me by one of those corporations that does surveys. They wanted to know all about my hotels on our last vacation. There was no place to enter how I felt about Amtrak and trains.

3. I’m sixty-what and my feet are still growing. When I was 18 they were 8 ½’s. Now they are 11’s…..which are very hard to find.

4. I’m married to a man who is twelve years younger than I am. This used to bother me a lot, and sometimes it still does.

5. Maybe this isn’t weird, but it’s part of me. I now name my vehicles. I didn’t used to. For example, the sportscar was the “Datsun.” Long ago, one truck arrived with a name, Maxwell Silver Hammer,” and vehicles have had names ever since. Currently we are owned by Moaning Myrtle….who has been repaired and no longer moans, and Grumpy. He too has been repaired and isn’t Grumpy any more.

6. And even less weird perhaps, I prefer to shop at thrift stores. There was a while there when I was rolling in it. Money was coming out my ears. I bought real clothes at real stores, and it was simply delightful while it lasted. I have lots more fun shopping for things in thrift stores, and now I know what clothing brands to look for when I am in the shops. Almost everything else I own should last my lifetime.


  1. I especially like the fact you keep the Christmas tree up until the end of January.

  2. Mage,

    First, I love the picture. You both look like you are enjoying a very Merry Christmas.

    Second, we name our cars,too. But by color. I have Big Blue and Roy has Reds. They are both Fords so we can't distinguish them by brand so we go by color. Reds is a new car (used, but new to us). The one we traded in was Brownie.

    I always enjoy reading your blog,Mage. Hope you don't mind my "Lurking".

    Have a Happy 2008.......We are leaving for our little house in Florida tomorrow for the Winter.

    See you when I am set up down there!!!

  3. Love the picture. Thanks for posting it. Makes it so much easier to read your posts and comments.

    Ruthe K

  4. Thanks you all. do I get you a message?


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