January 31, 2008

Duck's Birthday

Duck after reading what was on the front of his birthday shirt, 2008.

G stuck to his guns. He had told Duck that his cupcake would have 82 candles, and 82 candles it had…plus one to grow on. Yes, too, G almost burned a nearby lamp shade down while he was trying to light the 83 candles with a fast fading BBQ lighter.

Just as the smoke was clearing, like the magi of old two of his best friends arrived bearing gifts. Oh, Hurrah, we had a party. We had cake and candles and friends and laughter. Chocolate was here and there especially in a box from Sees brought by JimO who hasn’t forgotten once in the last five years. Duck dived right into that box. Frosting from the cake stuck to the candles instead of to the cake and spread from the candles to the face and the fingers so quickly it couldn’t be caught. Dr. Jay brought cookies with smiles and other delights that festively added to the ambiance. He flat out loved his new shirt and welcomed it with delight and laughter. “My dog’s named PLAID” indeed. Balloons were the scenery, and conversation and news were the afternoon.

“Oh, we won’t stay two hours,” said G when we set off. But we did.

By the time we were ready to leave, he was fading. “Where is my dining room table,” he asked querulously. We made sure he got to the right place then waved goodbye.

Google Does It Again: Read a horror story at Crabby Old Lady’s Blog. Google accuses Crabby Old Lady of dishonesty….we think not.
Duck: Yesterday was Duck’s 82 birthday.
Me: Scanned photos and ephemera only. No text. Nope, the content will stay between the boards while I have access to the photos and doodles here on the computer. The photos and doodles are enough to drive me mad by themselves.
G: He was sooooo funny about Duck. Later dinner with a Pete who looks flat out great and now knows how close he came to dying. We are soooooooo glad he didn’t.

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  1. What a lovely party for all of you. Such a nice post. And I love Ducks shirt. I want one too!


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