January 26, 2008

A Friar Fest

Saturday: Petco Park: 7:30 to 4pm. Padres Friar Fest, day 1: I went where I was told and wasn’t expected. In the end, I found where I was to go, they gave me a radio that got the Marriott’s Spanish speaking custodial staff, and it was like coming home again despite all the confusions. I managed to sit between hugs, actually forgot to check the first bag through the gate but was laughingly reminded by the employee, and generally had a great day with only two Aleve needed to get me through. Everyone seemed glad to see me….oh hurrah. G was there most of the day, so I didn’t have to call for a ride home. He was awfully preoccupied with baseball stuff though. It must have been his birthday.

For five bucks, fans could visit the locker room, go through the Dugout Club and the dugout. They could run the bases though it looks as if they walked the bases, and they could walk the warm-up track. They did have to get there very early to pick up a voucher just to stand in line for autographs, but if they gave blood, they could park free and get autographs in the Blood Bank area. Most all the park was open, and the Park in the Park had a kids area with slides, games, and clowns. Everyone there seemed to have a great day. I think we both had a great day too.

Duck: I’m being selfishly beyond tired and not visiting him the next two days. G is going on Sunday. Goal is to get him in clean clothes, and complain one more time. One of his best friends called to thank us for the letter we sent him with current pictures. He said the he feels Duck forgets him the moment he leaves the building. ‘Nuff said.
Goals for the week: Keep staying in the moment. Think and act positive. Warm and dry would be nice too but probably way, way, too much to hope for. Meditation and Yoga…even if for just a few moments a day, is a very good thing. Stretching is good. Pain is not ok. Let the diet go until the stomach is back in balance.
G: It’s his birthday today. He played at Friarfest all day, then we dined out on Spring Rolls, Panang Salmon, Thai Orange Chicken, and Pad Prick Sod…#51….Pork and veggies. We enjoyed it and it enjoyed us….no MSG.
Weather: Sat: Petco Park: 47f at 6am, 64f: Sunny in the morning, and thickening clouds in the afternoon. Sunday: Rain, wind, and flat out miserable.


  1. I'm glad to see your post. You're usually so faithful, I was concerned. Happy Birthday to G.

  2. Go to bed and pull the covers over your head...... Stay warm and dry for a couple of days.. You need it.

  3. I'm up, feet up too, and warmly waiting for the rain to hit here again after a very wet day yesterday at the ballpark. Hurrah!

  4. Alice at WintersongJanuary 29, 2008 at 9:09 AM

    Mage, what the heck is Pad Prick Sod…#51? and how does it differ from say...#s 41 or 61? (The b'day feast sounds wonderful. Happy late greetings to G!)


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