January 28, 2008

Friarfest Day Two and Other Things

Working the GSR gate while wearing five layers. My gloves are out of sight drying. My waist marginally thinner only through the magic of PS.

While G discovered the joys of napping, I stood. There wasn’t a lot of joy in the old town yesterday while rain fell throughout the morning. Some fans came anyway. The PR occasion that was Friarfest 2008, went on rain or no rain and was lots of fun when the sun finally came out with fans arriving right up until closing. The team sold seats, the stadium pulled in many people that had never been to a ball park before, kids of all ages had a ball everywhere, and the organization got their first light run through for the baseball season. Not enough publicity, everyone said.

The VIP Gate, which is really much more than a VIP gate, was open with half the usual staff, the Team Gate, which all who work there call the GSR Gate, was open with me running it, and the Home Plate Gate was open as the only other gate to welcome fans. Di, at the VIP Gate, and I arrived early to set up our gates ready to open by 0730. We were assigned to the 24 hour ball park Security Command Post….a first for me to use their newer and more functional radios.

Standing doesn’t work well right now with me, but I tried hard not to let all the welcoming baseball family know how miserable I was. The photograph G took shows me wearing five layers on top and two on the bottom while talking with a Supervisor. A combination of standing and sitting let me welcome staff, give directions with a smile, and thank people for coming as they began exiting.

The most important task I did was hand out doggie treets. Bailey and Maya were comfortable with me, one darling could be heard a block away saying she wanted to come see me, and Charley discovered the bag where they were kept and almost got it. The grownups were just faster. Such fun.

On this rainy second day of Friarfest, some activities were curtailed. No running of the bases, for instance. Some of the kids’ games were moved in from the Park in the Park to the Power Alley area. The balloon slides worked just as well undercover. It may have been cold and windy in there, but the kids had a ball and were dry.

Those of us who stood outside in the rain took off clothes or put on clothes all dependant on the wind and angle of the sun. We had fun….all of us. Some of compared health, others talked about what they did in the off season.

“Nothing,” one told me. “Foot surgery,” another said. “Two other jobs,” several said. One man actually got a real job with real bennies and was only going to keep one of his three Petco Park jobs.

I hugged, and talked, and appreciated all but the new radio which, when bumped, moved into scan mode.

“Georgette at the GSR Gate to the Command Post,” I said. No one answered until I used the words Command Center instead.

“Who are you and what is your location?” Hello….I just told him. Maybe the new radio didn’t work as well as I thought.

Again, “This is Georgette at the GSR Gate reporting a high wire walker tightening his cables between two palm trees.”

There was a long silence with that one. “I’ll be there shortly,” the voice said. Several of us arrived shortly just to see this one. Yes, there he was walking his wire and drawing a nice sized crowd. Personally I like high wire work.

“I do it all the time,” was his retort. Not when I was there, was my answer back. I didn’t tell him that I love high wire acts. I just thought the Padre’s wouldn’t.

Duck: He was clean and spotless……I was so pleased. G said he also remembered who he was. He had a good day.
Goals for the week: I have two weeks off between Friarfest and The USA Sevens The World Rugby Experience. Exercises this week plus meditation and Yoga…even if for just a few moments a day, is a very good thing. Gained weight over the week off WW…stomach no better. PT starts next week. Repair man cometh this Friday for the non-functional stove. Yesterday was a less comfortable 2 Aleve day indeed, today by almost noon has been a 0 Aleve day. Then again I haven’t done anything.
G: Had a quiet day with a few calls and emails. He played on the computer, played house, and enjoyed life by himself. He rediscovered the joy of napping. He even remembered to water the indoor plants. What a dear.
Weather: Chilly rain again on Sunday with a bit of sun midday. What can I say. Despite the weather and wind damage around the course, Tiger Woods won at Torrey Pines. Today is rainy and chilly again.


  1. What a blast... a high-wire walker. Great post. Love to hear about all the chaos.

  2. Alice at WintersongJanuary 29, 2008 at 9:04 AM

    Don't you just love those radio handsets? I remember having to use one on tours when I was a docent at a state park in Nevada. I didn't understand why we couldn't just say what needed to be said instead of codes. Good to see your call got people to respond regardless of how you asked. Sounds like the chaos resulting from the high wire stunt was a nice highlight.

    As for the hip pain, maybe it has something to do with the atmospheric pressure changes that come with weather patterns. Yesterday I had a 4 pain pill day with mine (it was windy and rain/snowing here) plus sleep loss the night before; today, it's pretty good.


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