January 10, 2008

Just the Fuzzies, mam...

A moment at the beach when the sky is fuzzy. Fires, 2007.

My whole day yesterday was focused on going to the doctor. Everything I did from reading an abstract expressionist poem in class….where G attended for the first hour before his dental visit, through the wonderful distractions of Amvets-my-favorite-thrift-store, were doctor visit thought filled. Not positive thinking either. I’d spent this whole last year with pain in my hip now grown to epic proportions which has suddenly been augmented by a knee that didn’t work.

Dr. Emily was a joy, welcomed us back, has honed her bedside manner to a “T,” and took care of both of us on the spot. I have bending damage to my left knee bursa, and I am elevating and icing it with half strength Darvocet, “I over react to pain killers, you know,” to help with the pain. She poked and prodded at my hip and said nothing but more questions all the while I was saying that, “I have a week and a half before having to stand and walk 12 hours a day” but forgetting to mention the “hot flashes” I’ve been having in that hip.

I am not to take Tylenol or Aleve, both of which are terrible on stomachs, but the Darvocet has Tylenol in it so don’t add any extra. Ok………so now I feel silly and drunk and talkative and I won’t drive down the hill to the library till this has worn off dramatically. Obviously, I am not used to taking downers of any sort.

“Drink lots of water,” she told me and explained why…oh hurrah, an explanation.

I asked her if she could look at G, she could, and even was able to take a swab.

“It’s probably an antibiotic resistant bacterium,” she told us. “We are seeing a lot of that lately.”

She gave him a tough new ointment, we paid for him while leaving, and off we went much encouraged to try out keeping me simple in ice and pillows. This could be done. Fuzzy too. But the Darvocet didn’t touch the hip. I’ll wait a few days and see what happens before calling, before allowing discouragement to leak back into my soul.

Duck: Fuzzy.
Me: Class first, a wait for G, Amvet thrift store shopping, salad out, doc, home to follow instructions. Ate 3 cookies in class and ate all my salad dressing on dinner. They’ve begun employee training at baseball again. Our company hasn’t heard. I’m calling.
G: Dentist, 2 hours in the chair, then doc where we discovered he has an antibiotic resistant bug.
Weather: 62 for the high. 47 for the low.
WW: I ate cookies, and G didn't get to lunch. This wasn't one of our more triumphant days.


  1. Alice from WintersongJanuary 10, 2008 at 5:04 PM

    I don't like that you're in so much pain. Sure hope the new pain rems work for you. It was only a couple of years back I was hurting bad, to the point of almost being unable to walk at all and having to "bum it" down the stairs because I couldn't bend my knees. But I finally found the doctor that figured out the problem. Hope the same for you, Mage.

  2. Do you have arthritis or? It sounds just awful. I hope you can get some relief very soon.


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