January 14, 2008

Keeping Me Humble

  • Lovely walk through the swap meet yesterday. I took a Tylenol instead of one of the doc’s pain pills. Lovely to be me again instead of a giggling sedentary mass of nothing.

  • TMI: As a result of stopping the pain meds, I have needed to center my life around bathrooms. Several times, I was not good at all. Thankfully today is a new day.

  • The Chargers won their game yesterday. Lots of fuss. A very important win. The whole city is interested even those like me with little or no football interest at all. Our company will be running the Superbowl security….I am not going to bus to Arizona for 8 bucks an hour.

  • G can now play many of the computer games he owns but couldn’t access before now. I got him a joy stick for his birthday, and it is upgradable to Vista so he can use it when he gets a new computer. Yes, this too is a very important event. Yes too, this had a steep learning curve, but I can report he is alive and well and playing games on his computer.

  • The sun is out, the light a golden glow between the winter branches, and the world is out there going to work. We are warmer….62 degrees when I got up. Amazing the change in the weather in just a few days. It almost seems like summer. It’s a shame the Buick Open can’t be held in the glory that we have around us this week.

  • I got on the scales this morning, and they showed no change at all. The scales say I weigh just what I weighed when we started all this. Now I know there’s a difference. Both G and I have been very good about what we eat. Very. I’m left wondering what I really weighed when we started all this. See what comes of sticking a new battery in the scales? Sometimes all you can do is laugh while you tell WW that you lost one pound.

  • Posted poem with revised image. (See Previous entry.) I find it interesting that many writers in my workshop feel that no illustration is needed…that the words should say it all by themselves. I, the artist and illustrator, feel that words and images complement each other. I am empowered by a good image atop my words. Perhaps they feel distracted while I feel enriched.

  • For the last ten years I have been watching two gentlemen walk past my windows every day I am home. When I first saw them, they slowly walked down the hill to pick up their morning coffee. Then even more slowly, they walked back up the hill to their office. Both are men, though they remind me of bone thin Jack Sprat and his rotund wife, Joan. The fat man has grown vastly thinner over these years. He still waddles a bit, and his steps are quicker….several to the measured pace of his tall, lean friend. Today I saw his hair had grown white and his pace was longer. He’s a shadow of his old self now. Bravo to this gentleman. Maybe someday I too will be a shadow of myself. That would be delightful.

Duck: He was being social and watching a movie in the all purpose room…a first. We gave flowers to his roommate and said hi to Duck.

Me: Knee continues better. Will call doc today about hip and meds not working. Thinking we need to pay off assessment and car before buying a new computer.

G: Delightful. Supportive, kind, and sure does put up with a lot outta me. We did make it to Frye’s where we got him a joy stick for all his games. He’s considering a new computer as soon as the new chips come out.

Weather: 77 for the high. 49 for the low.

WW: Sunday: B: Beets and coffee. L: Half ham and cheese with veggies. D: Hamburger steak, broccoli, veggie salad, fudge bar, 1 point chocolate cake. Oh guilt./ Monday: Peas and carrots and coffee. Et al.

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