January 7, 2008

Take it off, take it all off!

Left: Georgette at Jo’s house, 1976. Right: Georgette at Joan’s, 2005. Every year, a few more pounds.

It’s official. Today is the day we officially weigh in at Weight Watchers. We’ve been at this a week, but since we are on a computerized version of the program and we have been signed in for a long time, Monday is weigh in day. No variation. There we are.

I admit that I snuck to the scales the first day we started this program and found I was 227. It was an appalling weight that’s I know is making my hip hurt worse, and in all actuality is making everything worse.

This morning, I was digging around to see if I had one or two skinny pictures of me in JPG form. There’s my leggy, in work uniform, one….all blurry, lots of photos showing I had no chin….for years. Ah well. Lots more images of me getting fat, getting thinner, and getting fat again. Only a few middle ground ones are encouraging as a beginning goal weight.

If you really didn’t wanted to know all these gory details, I apologize.

Here I bravely peer over the rail of the SS President Wilson with mother lagging behind. I’m bone thin after years of sickness then gallbladder surgery. Mother has dieted off over a hundred pounds after her father, mother in law, and husband’s deaths, and is off to see the world. I was a little thinner at my bottom weight of 128. Nothing like lots of drugs and no self image to take the weight off. That’s not the way to diet.

Most of the rest of my life after meeting G has been spent repelling chocolate and deserts while maintaining me at around 200. Often that ChocolateBug leads me to the 230 level. Middle aged passions are never attractive if shown off with this kind of enthusiasm.

We gave Duck a box of his favorite candy for Christmas.

He asked, “Did you want to make me sick?” And promptly at that whole box of See’s candy in one day. I too could be that kind of candy eater if given half a chance. Somewhere in there I’m finally realizing that I need to change my thinking not only about chocolate but about a lot of other food misconceptions I’ve been fed over the years.

The gold standard no longer is…”Clean your plate for the starving children in China, dear,” it’s being able to stand unashamably to the side of G not tucked in back hiding.

Duck: G arrived just as the game had started and we were down 6 to 0. He found Duck ready for his nap but remembering that he had gone to church services in the morning.

Me: A three Aleve day at football and woke at two am worried that the doc’s couldn’t do a thing about my leg….and worried, and worried.

G: That very kind man did the laundry, visited Duck, and did all sorts of house stuff before settling in to watch the game and two movies at the same time.

Weather: 59 for the high. 48 for the low. Rain showers stopping, and slowly the sun comes out again.

WW: Since we started WW one day after my official weigh-in date, we really begin today. The program will be based on the one of us who is fattest as of today. His goal is 200 pounds and he now is 223.

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  1. Hi Mage,

    I went to the giant scale (You know the one with the 36" diameter face) at the Supermarket the other day and as I started to step on the huge platform to weigh myself, a crowd gathered.

    Instead of my weight coming up on the scale, the arrow began to spin out of control and a digital display lit up that said.


  2. Dear Nancy........how do I leave a note for you. I so enjoy reading you, but I cannot answer you. Oh help, oh help.

  3. Mage, I sure do feel for you. Reaching middle age has truly created the most radical change to my body since puberty. All of a sudden, I am becoming just like my mom. All the years of excercise, vegetarian diet, no-or-little alcohol consumption... don't seem to compete with the genetic prediliction.

    I wish the two of you all the very best on your Weight Watchers venture. Please let us know how things go.

  4. Hi Mage,

    You just did leave a note for me, and I enjoyed hearing from you.

    I think I told you before that I don't think I am talented enough to write a blog all the time but I love to comment, and when you answer my comments, I am very happy.

    I know you almost always comment to me when I have a story on Elder Story Telling and I really appreciate that.

  5. Good luck, Mage,
    It keeps getting harder as I get older. Right now I'm just trying to keep the 10 lbs. off that I lost walking every day in Japan. I keep looking for ways to do more walking in Pittsburgh. Not as much fun, though.

  6. Alice at WintersongJanuary 9, 2008 at 9:53 AM

    Mage, how did I get so behind with your posts? Must have been our power outage over the weekend. About the weight problem, I just read on Monday what lilalia pointed out, it's genetic prediliction. Look at your parents for clues, otherwise it's constant vigilance and striving for healthy balance. And to Nancy I'd like to point out that talent for writing isn't necessary in blogs. When you write posts every day some turn out good and others ho hum. After all it's not a paid position. I say go write a blog if you want to.


What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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