January 3, 2008

Whips and Chains

It's amazing how much detritus collects in a very short period of time.

It started as one of those days you stare at your monitor in disgust. There was nothing there but the opening screen. It was nada. Empty of content. Went nowhere too. You try the tried and true, bottom line stuff. Turn the computer off. Turn the computer on. You resist kicking the computer or thwacking the monitor upside itself. You read a bit in the current book…an incomprehensible sci-fi/mystery set in a tecki future. More of that same nada when it returns.

You call G. It’s something you don’t do as his company doesn’t want employees getting personal calls on work time.

“I can’t get an email from you telling me when you will be at the dentist’s,” you say.

He cuts to the important stuff. “Have you restarted the computer?”

“The first thing I did.”

“Have you restarted the modem?”

I dither a bit about how I can’t reach anything, but he reminds me that the on/off button is on the back. I count wires and dare wiggle my fingers around back there with all that electric stuff I cannot see.

I feel spoiled. I’m like a kid in a candy shop with no access to the candy today who had full access to the candy yesterday.

“It takes time,” he muttered very quietly while we both waited for the little flashing lights to flash. “If I get an email from you, I’ll know you are up.”

There are no little flashing lights. Not at all. No matter how long I wait. In fact, those little LED thingies are dampt down into faint values of themselves and never revive. I can’t call him to tell him this. He’s looking for a promotion not a whiney wife who can’t control her own computer. I wonder momentarily if I should get out the whips and chains.

Duck: He was a bit more himself today. A little twinkly, and humor peeked out here and there.Me: Have appointment. Don’t know if I am doing lunch, but am doing library.

G: Heading to dentist after work.

WW: The WW bot sends me info I have not info I need. Since I can’t get online, talking with them today will be a moot point. All three meals were successes tho. Dinner was a smoked paprika/thyme crusted pork loin with peach and plum compote and two points of fettuccini.

Weather: Three gully washers heading our way.

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  1. I love your hair worn down. It looks so healthy.
    I can see you've been very very busy with computer problems.


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