February 24, 2008

A Confession

Concert night, March 2006: Left to Right: G, Georgette, Duck, and Dr. John.

Duck: He finished dinner. “I have to go to the bathroom now,” and off he went. “OK,” we said, “Bye, we will be back on Monday.”

Me: Forgot. Very embarrassed. Even with both electronic and paper callendar’s, I forgot. I looked yesterday, and I still forgot. Tonight G and I are off to Dr. John’s annual Oscar Party….dressed up just a bit; dressed to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary.

G: Remembered. Was very nice to me. We will remember the next one with more enthusiasm.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.
”Why don’t I remember this one?” I asked myself. I asked him.

“We take turns forgetting this one.”

“I thought it was tomorrow,” I say doggedly. I seem to say this every other year. What anniversary is this one? I whip out the adding machine. “Twenty five years……”

“……In April……”

I interrupt, “Not April,” I say flipping through the appointment book.

“May!” He says this strongly.

“May,” I say almost in unison. “Twenty five years in May 1983, and I got sober two weeks later and you two weeks earlier.”

None of this actually says anything to the fact that one of us, this year it is me, has forgotten yet again that today is the day we were married in 1996.

“One of us always forgets,” he says yet again, comforting me as I hold a darling, funny card and an absurd pin of golden hand and ruby flower power.

“What can I get you for this anniversary,” I say pleadingly.


  1. I not only forget anniversaries, but also birthdays. Honestly, I forget even my own birthday, those of my children, and everyone else doesn't even count.

  2. Thank you Lilalia.......that helps. I took him out window shopping, and he found a couple of nice Hawaiian shirts. I took a camera and had a ball photo shopping.

  3. Congratulations, Mage and George on your Wedding Anniversary...

    I forget dates,too. I used to send everyone a birthday card but sometimes I would forget someone, and they would know that a week or month before I had sent a nice card to their wife or brother,etc. I would feel terrible that I had forgotten someone.

    So, I announced that there would be no more individual cards, but one huge cookout in Summer for everyone who had had a birthday that year...

    Problem solved. They all love the "Family" birthday party.

  4. Hi Nancy........A good idea, but I have grandkids all over the world. I'm sorry that I cannot bring them all home once a year...we would have a ball.

  5. Happy anniversary to you both! Now don't expect me to remember next year, because I probably won't. I always forget.


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