February 13, 2008


Top: 2008, Bee and I at the Shelter Island Commercial Basin Pizza Nova. Bottom: 1991: On the back deck of Cable Street on my 50th birthday, Bee and I sport hats.

  • Duck had a great morning. All his shaking was gone tho his cold was worse. He “said” he spent the day in bed with his cold, but the nurse reported that he was in good spirits and did no shaking. By the time we got there at dinnertime, he obviously felt awful again and his shaking had come back in full force. He was unable to feed himself. The nurses blew us off. The charge nurse would not observe but did order an increase in his shaking meds. They did that last night then didn’t increase the meds. Night before last, he let G feed him. Last night he didn’t want to eat at all.

  • Bee...and we have been friends since 1966, arrived here earlier than her projected time. Sometimes she stops and detoxes here after a morning with a house cleaner at her mom and father’s home. For the first time she changed her mother’s diaper….what a terribly sad thing. I talked of Duck, she talked of her brother the caretaker and the family struggles over their mothers Alzheimers and fathers end-stage alcoholism. Five kids and disagreements among them all are a terrible thing.

  • Open Diary: I’ve been a faithful OD’er, but there’s been no OD. Now Verizon is up again, Blackberry's are up again, and OD us up….tho it doesn’t want to save entries. I’ll send a message. It was so nice to see so many notes from OD friends in my inbox. Yes, even if you don't see me, I am here online at either OD or Blogspot. Yes, if I cannot leave notes there’s a problem or I am at work. Sometimes I vanish but never for long. I will be back when I can.

  • Duck: Still not good.
    Me: Dinner didn’t cook as per CIA. Microwaved it so we could eat and make it to the nursing home on time. Hip kept waking me all night. Today to new/old doc and get prescriptions renewed with new insurance. What don’t I have to have?
    Yesterday they turned the water off on me just as I got into the shower. Today the water was already off when I arrived. I was Grrrrrrrrowling when I discovered it was my levers and buttons this morning not them. Made me duck my head in embarrasment.....before showering.

    G: Fewer jokes, but took care of Duck beyond wonderfully. He will meet me at Starbucks in front of the doc’s then get his meds reupped.


    1. Oh, Mage, I wrote a comment and it didn't get sent. Don't feel like writing it all over again. Just wanted to say that I am glad that Duck had a better day today, you and your friend have each other.

    2. You know what? You and Bee look more beautiful now than when you were fifty! I ditto Lilalia in saying it's nice you still have each other.

    3. I always love your smile! Many warm wishes from the other side of the world ... more power to all your efforts. Trisha


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