February 3, 2008

Fragments 1

A February seagull.

Duck: We could only laugh.

Me: Volume 23 found photos of me on many pages. Doggedly scanned them. I’ll post about it later.

G: We are off our diet but having a ball. We cannot continue to do this, of course.

Today: …was wonderful, thank you. Tomorrow will be better as I sort old Christmas ornaments to get rid of them.
  • ”Stop scratching your neck. You are getting blood on your new shirt.”

    G grabbed my camera and aimed it at his bloody and leaking neck. “See,” he said to Duck.”

    “That’s old and wrinkled. I don’t have wrinkles. My skin is smooth.”

    So G took a picture of his face.

    “I look drunk,” he said looking and the picture then glanced up at G and smiled. Briefly.

    We smiled back. I came to one of those usual halts one has when dealing with Duck. He thinking himself young wasn’t something I had any experience with. Yet.

    “I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back,” he told us rolling out of the living room and down the hall.

    He didn’t return. And didn’t return. We sent his table mate, Allie, to peek out the door. He was sitting waiting for dinner at his table. He’d forgotten us. G thought it delightful and was glad he was safe. I just had one of those waves of sadness. You know those. You can’t do anything about them, but there they are.

  • Saturday morning we picked Marie up, loaded computer bag, backpack, car seat and child into the Toyota and we all few off to Amvets. Marie got two giant bags of goodies…which included five used tapes. “I’m tired of hearing the same movie every night while I am trying to do homework,” kind of tapes. Hangers, warm goodies for the two, almost three, year old, and a new pair of shoes for her too. After Amvets, we stopped for a moment at St. Clair’s thrift store to see where Marie worked, and headed to Denny’s for breakfast.

    Breakfast with a two year old, who I will now call M5, who could not hold still was an interesting affair. G did manage to get the old office 2003 off her computer and the new Office 2007 installation started. When M5 began getting overly opinionated and shoving all the dishes off the table, I mentioned how well behaved the two year old at the next table was before G shushed me.

    “Hispanic families don’t hesitate to use corporal punishment on their kids, and if I did that the government would take M5 away at the speed of light.”

    I apologized for reacting so strongly, so terribly to this grandchild of mine…a visceral rejection of out of control behaviors. G does so much better than I do.

  • We took them all home, stopped briefly at the Salvation Army where we found nothing on our list…mine list includes warm turtlenecks and a new sewing basket, and came south to see Duck. Later there was a light sandwich dinner on the bay surrounded by the sounds of water, gulls, and happiness.

  • We had a moment or so Friday afternoon to get ourselves from home to the Boy’s and Girls Club in Claremont. Mohave had several pieces of her work in an art show there. Entering the door, we were greeted just as if we were in a real gallery with a flyer for the show, then we turned to face total bedlam in the main room. G joined right in. Two guys and a student became three guys and a student on the foosball machine.

    “I can still do it,” G said yelling at me over the chaos after he won.

    Mohave found us, and the two guys turned out to be her sixth grade teacher and her seventh grade English and math teacher. They both said that this artist was a far better writer. What mattered was that she was glad to see us. Her art was good too, and surprise….both her mom and dad came to pick her up. We got more pictures.

  • ”Let’s go see a movie,” he said with a smile. And so we did.

    “The Bucket List” is a beautifully crafted piece that G called unexpected and enjoyed through my tears. We recommend it highly.

  • We began and ended our hunt for a new stove yesterday. I wanted a stainless front and racks that could be left in when the oven was cleaned. Even at the Damaged Appliance store, they charged us an extra hundred for a stainless stove. We will have to send the top off to be turned from black to white, but it was still better than paying 300 for one replacement part on the old stove when we had paid 400 for the whole stove. In confession, I must say that both of us long for gas. Living better electrically isn’t.

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