February 26, 2008

A Grab Bag Of Tools

Wooden Spoons, Ocean Beach Antique Mall, February 2008.

Duck: After I got a big bowl of butter patties, G began putting one after another on Duck’s corn bread eliciting a, “No more butter,” and a half smile.

Me: Yesterday’s PT made me feel worse today. Ah well. 1000 Duck meeting in G’s stead.

G: What a good guy he is. Crown in last night...no bill yet. We will be not going north this year but will be taking economy vacations out of here. He has to go to work in North County, come home till 6, and go to work again until 9. He’s missing the condo board meeting and sent out detailed email in his stead. He’s missing the Duck meeting too.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.
  • The Richard List: (What G wants to see for Duck,) 1. Can we remove the catheter. 2. Can we check his hearing? Perhaps clean the ear wax out of his ears? He can’t hear. 3. His shaking is less since the increase in his meds. He can easily feed himself. Thank you.

  • The tools of my trade today will be business attire. My fortress, my Great Wall of China will be my Nordies black wool slacks, black ballet slippers, and something on my top. What, I don’t know, but they certainly wouldn’t take me seriously with nothing on.

  • Ah, the conundrum of cooking. Last night’s solution worked well. Scrambled eggs, fruit….not a lot, one piece of toast, and a Weight Watcher, one point, desert. Smaller portions. We cooked it together. It tasted great. Nothing failed. Oh, those failures reducing me to feeling less than certainly turned me off cooking. I who cooked my way through college the first time suddenly couldn’t cook anything edible. Starting over with simple foods has worked….at the moment. We miss our beef. We will get over it.

    Tonight, a baked squash half with a tossed green Waldorf salad. Delicious that. Greens, half an apple cut into bite sized chunks, celery sliced thinly at an angle, a good handful of grapes cut in half, and a less than giant handful of glazed walnuts. They are addictive though….I must forewarn you. Balsamic dressing.

  • The sun has burned off the fog. A jogger moves speedily up the now wet sidewalk. A dog and his owner pause a moment by the trees below me. Children walk by my house looking like grownups on their way to school…middle Schoolers saunter down the hill, and high schoolers walk up the hill. I’m off to pop another load of laundry in and go walk up and down the hill for half a mile myself. Like the teams now in spring training, I need to use all the tools in my grab bag if I am to make it to the opening day of the season.

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  1. Simple food always does taste the best. I'm working (not paid) in the kitchen of a restaurant one afternoon a week. I like the work. I like the Guys and their way of preparing food. It's a rather fancy restaurant, but, as far as I can tell, the art is in the care of preparation and beauty of presentation. They don't mix things up. They keep it simple.


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