February 27, 2008

Half Volume 19

Always with my mouth open and talking. Mother and daughters, 1987

Marie at the Farman’s beach in OB, 1967.

My back and hip were cranky, but my soul had a grand day. I love days like this. Imagine, a day when all the odds and ends flowed along smoofly, a day when everything fit together like a cliché should, and as the sun went down you knew it was a day that was just the way it should be.

Lenora at the Balboa Park Lilly Pond, 1968.

Duck: Asleep my first visit, and they admitted he napped a great deal now. At a concert when I was leaving, and at four was in PT. Busy man.

Me: Walked, and Duck: They listened, noted, and only after a great fuss will take some action on Duck’s hearing. Home to lunch, scan half of Volume 19, dinner that was edible, Duck, and G. What more could one want.

G: Teased me all day about my thinking it Wednesday when it was really Tuesday. Today he goes in at twelve thirty and will be home after ten.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.

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