February 25, 2008

Mid Century Kitsch

Red and yellow Mid Century Modern, Feb. 2008.

Duck: No one called. We did talk about him with his friends at the Oscar party last night. Even the two Doc’s present only nodded as we told them of his downhill slide.

Me: Tiny infection inside a finger. Third one. Not impressed.

G: Looked terribly handsome as he headed off to work this morning.

Work; http://mlb.mlb.com/schedule/index.jsp?c_id=sd">Padre’s 2008 Schedule.
Not as many good quilts as in the past, but there was a glorious collection of Mid-Century Modern, which is what the experts have taken to calling the really good 1930’s through 1960’s, furniture, dishes, and glass ware. Even the much aligned Danish Modern could be seen again in the stores.

A Marcel Breuer Wassily chair circa 1968. The MOMA award winner 1968.

I didn’t photograph the good stuff. Kitsch was me. The colorful everyday objects were what caught my eye. Yes, instead of shopping wallet in hand, I shopped with my camera. Not only was it economical, but I had a ball.

There are a great number of images I have not posted here today....they are on my other site. Blogger's wysiwyg editor leaves me gasping for air on occasion, and adding huge numbers of pictures is one of the occasions. I offer only a sampling of the kitsch my camera saw.

Aprons to amuse.

Pink and Red too.

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  1. I love browsing those shops! Your pictures are a great way to do it without being tempted to spend or collect anything new. Thanks for sharing.


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