February 28, 2008


Duck: Asleep and under the covers this morning. They are doing his ears. Hurrah. They aren’t charging us to transport him to the Urologist’s either.

Me: Back better today.

G: We are both asleep on our feet as we stayed up to watch “Project Runway.”

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule. We only have to work 77 out of 84 games this year. Wow.
Imagine, a senior federal auditor, an art director, a senior weapons system engineering contractor, a ship captain, a student, a sailor, and a drug addict pausing for a moment in the sun together in 1982. Still, it’s a charming view.

Speaking of charming views, please stop here just for a moment. The Telegraph has several of the best of British landscapes here for your viewing. Several of them knock me over with their power.

I must confess. I often stop by Dark Roasted Blend and find myself caught up in these alternate worlds. The landscapes are worth the stop ten fold. I squeezed them in between the pages of the journal volumes I’m scanning. Two more done.

Only a few more weeks of scanning the old journals for me. I must go in to the ballpark today and interview for my job. Yes, there was a moment of angst when they called me about this late last night. Interview? Why do they do new things like this to the staff always at the last moment? G and I agree that getting this out of the way first is the way to go. I’ll have a quick lunch with MarionB and Tehachap then go stand in line today. No appointments, they say. Ten to five, and if I am still there at five, we can eat out.

Last minute news always changes the way one views the day.


  1. I love the photos you post from your past. Great stuff. Puts me in my "Way Back Machine" and gets me all nostalgic for the old daze. ;)

  2. I also love the old photographs; couldn't help noticing that sexy leg in the back row!

    Also, thanks for introducing me to "Dark Roast". I, too, got lost there for a length of time between the beginning and ending of this post.

    Good luck at the interview; hope that having to go through it doesn't mean mean anything bad.


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