February 23, 2008

Volume 20: 1988

Three watercolors in my gallery window, 1988.

Duck: Everything was all new and clean again. A catheter is one way of getting him in clean clothes every day. You should have heard our nurse friend Carrie on the topic of Autonomy en re clothing on an end stage demented patient.

Me: Had an appallingly boring day with Volume 20. Out to dinner at San Diego’s one and only good Jewish deli. MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good plus ten thousand calories per bite. I didn’t have to eat it all either. G did. Misery personified.

G: “I had a good day yesterday. It was Friday. Yee-ha!” A direct quote from himself.
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A simple year with an awful lot of pictures documenting the simplicity.

I painted. I went to school. I documented. I helped G remodel the master bathroom in the rented Cable Street house, (a 2500 house on top of a business, downtown OB, with a 2 ½ car garage downstairs and the only driveway in the heart of downtown). G painted. G remodeled the master bath….which included major floor restoration from the floor below as the shower had been leaking for many, many years. We won BHG Honorable mention for remodel of the year for this one. G removed the boards at the bottom of the stairs. Lots of G family stuff. Some good parties especially Don’s post 88 opening party. And best of all, our first grandchild was born.

The before of a room that hadn’t been touched since 1956. Room size: 9x15 feet. After: Way too sterile but the landlady gave us the black glass from one of her storefronts, and by reusing the existing appliances we brought the remodel in for $750.00….including towels and rug.

Left: Marie with her first child, Aaron at two months. Right: G and his dad load the old van with goodies to sell at the swap meet. His dad did the swap meet twice a week. Bottom: Living room ready for the Christmas Party.

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  1. Mage, it seems as if I was only torn away from my Google reader list for a day or two and yet, there are six posts on your blog! My heavens, gal, how do you do it? Finding myself drawn completely in to your visits with Duck and your journals and your work. I know you are probably look on with trepidation to the upandcoming season. I, on the other hand, am only looking forward to your stories.


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