February 7, 2008

Watery Blogs and other Amusements

The horns on the Queen Mary’s forward funnel, 2003.

Duck: Said he was tired. He has a cold. Today, he showed a bit of himself. You never know which Duck you will get. Today we got the very together Duck, referring tho his dinner as “that crap” and his table mate as a pain in the ass. When we left, he said he would walk us to the door….the old Duck.

Me: Wrote. Laundered. Ah, the importance of it all. Dusted. Checked blog list links and added some new ones to the Blogspot site. After Marta left, I ate then scanned until three-ish. More volumes of memories. More acres of photos showing all these beautiful people who were really all loused up. Miles and miles and miles….

G: Had a great day and arrived home making ThomaS jokes.
Once long ago, one blogger wouldn’t add me to her blogroll because I was behind a wall in a hive site. I couldn’t create a blogroll using their template. “You have to have a blogroll to be included,” she told me. So just for her, I people pleased and started another blog….with several blogrolls.

Once or twice during the year, I double check my blogroll links to make sure they work, usually before I head off into baseball. There’s nothing I hate more than finding a link that enthuses me then doesn’t work the next time I stop by. I may be a messy blogger, but I do try and stay on top of things. Things at this page now include a list of People Blogs that I like and recommend, links to QE2 sites of merit, urban archology sites I read, and ship/water/ocean blogs that I check sometimes more than often.

Today I became aware that one of the best of the boating sites had added me to his blog roll. I felt flattered. Yes, he’s on my read first list. And yes, he has a wonderful ship and boat blogroll that makes mine look like a used dory. I made time to check out some of his links today, and I added a few to my “Watery Pages” blogroll in hopes of upgrading myself at least to a fishing smack. They are over there to the left. You might check a few out.


  1. Many thanks for the link. I will return the compliment

  2. That reminds me that I haven't extended my blogroll in ages. Over the last half year, the blogs I read regularly has changed a lot. It's time that my blogroll reflect that. I can't look at any more blogs because my google reader list is ridiculously too long. When I reduce it down to some sane number, I'm going to look at that boat list... looks interesting.


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