March 26, 2008


Mar at Guadalupe, dinner March 2008.

Duck: Again believed that old friends from Whitewater were coming to get him. This episode was perhaps triggered by a phone call from someone in Whitewater. Up and down….what great sadness.

Me: Root canal done as I broke the tooth into the nerve. (Thursday prep, post, and temp tooth.) Cheese enchilada dinner with old friend Mar. What fun to see her. Today: write, walk, exercise and quilt. Can’t reach youngest. She’s sick and I’m worried.

Remember, I’m “shortly” of time now as of Friday. I’ll be reading you, sometimes in clumps, and I may not have time to note back.

G: Almost done with his current auto, and he’s still having fun. Loved sharing the Guadalupe restaurant for dinner, walking the recreated Bazaar del Mundo, and talking computers with Mar after dinner. Especially that. What fun.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule. My company says it will call this week with schedules. Did I say I hated this last minute stuff every year.
No, we don’t have much time together. In fact, in the last few years we grew apart. She taught and attended school, bought a house, and kept right on moving at light speed into wonderful things. She followed an interest into an amazingly creative retirement.

Last night, we all wandered through the newly moved Bazaar del Mundo with our matching cameras in hand. I was captivated by the colors, by the power of color to sweep you away. Once I found I had bumped my settings and had to go back and retake all my images. They were better the second time around.

Both Mar and I were both delighted to discover that we shop with camera in hand. Color captivates both of us. She too loves retirement, and now that we do at times have more loose times in our lives, I know our friendship will be even better this second time around.


  1. What a gift it must be to rediscover a friendship.

    And, what a lovely idea to shop with camera in hand. I'll have to try that.

  2. OMG! Is thre still alot of artwork there by John August Swanson? He used to have lots at the Bazar, not sure now. He is my uncle.


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