March 18, 2008

First Reactions

See Number 17, 2007

Duck: Continues at this stage of his dementia. His old roommate had asked for a new room 8 months ago. He got it yesterday, and he and we are unhappy.

Me: Short blogs this week, after this one, while I try walking, swimming, and quilting as a mix.

Range of motion much improved, probably joint damage, now back to the doc. Keep up the exercises, can do leg lifts, heat, pool, more walking and made doc appointment then came home to read book instead of quilt. Ah, guilt. Phone everyone I had been thinking about but daughter 2.

Menu: LBJ Turkey Chili alternating with Low Fat Noodles Florentine intermixed with green salads, breads and muffins. Breakfast, lunch and dinners under 70 for the week.

G: Actually arrived home singing yesterday.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule. We only have to work 77 out of 84 games this year. Wow. Yearly training is on the 20th, 9 to 1.
First Reactions Quiz, from AutumnLeaf via Merri's journal. Read the full survey at my OD blog. Type the first thing that comes to mind whenever you read these things. Don't think and go back and change your answers:

1. Beer: The smell nauseates me. I really don’t like the stuff, and I work right over a trash can filled with beer, empty beer containers, and more beer.

6. Weed: Someone else pulls them now, oh, hurrah! Or did you mean the other kind?

7. Steroids: I use a nasal spray that contains steroids. NasacortAQ really does banish nasal polyps.

9. The President: Ours? Oh please. Politics nauseate me. President’s wives fascinate me, but not Presidents.

17. Clowns: A dear old friend works as a clown today.

18. Marriage: Well, here I am and it’s good. I miss working with him….that was great. We still walk hand in hand after 25 years.

19. Paris: Two of my best friends love Paris and France. One actually owns an apartment there. I am left wondering why the Parisians dislike us so. I’d rather be in London, Paris TX, or the misery of Paris CA.

20. Redheads: Two wonderful grandkids are redheads, thank you.

24. Donald Trump: I mean, can you get past the hair.

25. Neverland: The fictional island featured in Peter Pan……and sad, sad home of Michael.

26. Dixie: My best friend from Jr and Sr. High school. She’s such a dear today.

31. Wood: stock.

33. I love: Passionately. Sometimes obscessivly. I try, perhaps too hard, not to be that way with G.

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  1. Do Parisians really dislike us? Maybe that's one of those myths we've been handed over the years. Well, maybe some don't like us. But some probably do. Anyhow, it's like that half-full half-empty glass thing, I think. All in the way you choose to look at it.


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