March 27, 2008


”We will be back tomorrow,” G said. “I don’t know how you will find me,” Duck responded smiling, gesturing, “For I won’t be here tomorrow. They are coming to get me.” Photo taken from car, 2008.

Duck: Slept most of the day. Was asleep when we got there.

Me: A slicing and dicing day.

G: Discovered that it wasn’t his turn to get off the board, darn it. He’s resigning as Treasurer and will take another job for the year. By the time he got home, he was still treasurer for another month.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule. Last year I posted the schedule, this year I just link to it. If you miss me, check the schedule to see where I am, Remember, I’m “shortly” of time now as of Friday’s exhibition game. Monday is opening day. I’ll be reading you, sometimes in clumps, and I may not have time to note back.
”You will be working Friday at the Employee Gate two to midnight,” the scheduler said.

“What about next week?” I asked in frustration.

”Call Friday,” she told me.

“I won’t be home. I’ll be at work.” Pushing it again. Angry with their fifth year in a row waffling, the last minute decisions that leave us all in the lurch. I won’t be at work until one thirty. I could call, instead I take my childish frustrations out on this poor employee.

“Call tomorrow then,” she said next.

“I won’t be home. I will be at the doctor’s then the dentist’s,” I replied lying through my teeth as I could call before ten.

“Call this evening and ask for me before five.”

I did and she suddenly wasn’t there. You can tell. The person who answers says, “Just a moment,” then sniggers. There’s a silence and a rattle and rumble before the person returns. It’s not five mind you, yet, “She has just left.” Right.

I’ve become a cynic.

G suggested that I tell the dentist we are tired of putting his kids through college. I did. I don’t think the dentist thought it funny. Cynicism doesn’t become me.

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