March 14, 2008

Friday Bytes

Kay and her husband Dan out by the barn in 1975.

Duck: Had the worst day yet, and we know more bad days are coming.

Me: Walked, planned quilt, cooked dinner, and walked to massage. Totally pain free afterwards. Last full week before the first bits of work.

G: Not smiling about Duck. One nurse disregards anything G says, and G has his medical power of Attorney. No one was happy about Duck yesterday….everything a mess make worse by an inflexible nurse.
  • Friends: One just out of the hospital. She was coughing up blood, but they couldn’t find anything. I worry. Another off to New York. She looks wonderful. Yet another, my friend from the 1960’s Kay, publishing two books this year….I am so flat out proud of her.

  • Duck: Many G phone calls to and from. Both G and the Charge nurse called the Derm doc many times. Ducks hallucinations, confusions, and paranoia were all there was of his day. Both G and the charge nurse finally reached the derm doc who discontinued the Prozac….a drug that didn’t work with Duck. Poor guy.

    The Derm doc persists in thinking these itches Duck has are nervous in origin. Even with the Prozac, Duck continued to dig furrows into his shins with his fingernails. Ditto his neck. We do admit his upper legs and upper arms look fractionally better. G is going to ask the Derm Doc to contact his old GP about what he did that made the itchies go away totally.

  • Our days move smoothly along until Duck time. Today my day will look much like yesterday. I’ll write here, read a little of you and you, walk, and work on the “Red Quilt.” Planning. Math. I’d planned on having G help me do the math on the sample blocks. We didn’t. So today I will stagger down to the garage, move Grumpy, and see if buried deep in my flat files are sheets of graph paper. My learning disabilities will let me draw pictures. Once I see what I have to cut, I can do it.

  • Grandkids: There’s three families of kids we don’t see much. Some are busy. Darn it. One just sends Christmas Cards. Another lives in Spain….and I don’t have permission to post her picture here. Some of the other’s are blossoming. Oh Hurrah.

    I’m so very proud of Mohave….. her baby quilt is on the previous entry. She’s been accepted by the Center for Performing and Media Arts. Wow. This genius with shaky communication skills should find herself right at home here. And Beth….she has her first job working after school where her mom teaches. What a winner of a person she is. Her brother Aaron is doing dinner next week with us Grands. G thinks that he wants to discuss buying a car. We will fill him with BBQ, and G will listen as well as talk car. I’ll take a camera. The smallest has reached a milestone. MJ is potty trained. Her mom is ecstatic.

    All milestones, actually.

  • Dinners: Doing far, far better than before. I seem to be over that stuck point and able to not only cook again but improvise a bit. Last night was one of those meals….”not too bad after all”….sized down in portions, low salt, Mostly low fat but still topped with a bit of real cheese. Gee, why didn’t I ever notice portion control before?

    My mother always said, “Clean your plate for the starving children in China, dear.” G’s mom always said, “Clean your plate for the starving children in India.” Those were well filled plates too. And what did your mother say?

    Tonight, dinner by the bay with Doctor Jim. We will enjoy the boats, eat light….with one of their garlic rolls or two, and perhaps have a dab of crème brule….after talking Duck. He’s Duck’s friend too.


  1. I am bringing my laptop to NY. So, theoretically, I will be able to blog if we spend some time in that famous coffee chain of yours offering free wifi. Practically, this is my first trip anywhere with my children that we are not visiting family. We are going to be able to wander, explore completely on our own. And to make matters better, there are two friends to visit. But, knowing me, I won't be able to stay away from blogging.

  2. We were supposed to clean our plate for the starving Armenians.
    Thanks for inquiring Mage, I am doing OK I just seem to have a long case of writers block.
    Husband in the hospital all week now waiting for blood transfusion. They couldn't seem to locate enough units of B+ blood this afternoon perhaps tomorrow.


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