March 13, 2008

In the Reds

Daughter Lenora holding Mohave’s quilt at a baby shower. Nine patch with ruffles using new and antique fabrics. August 1995.

Duck: Really funny yesterday. His CRS was still there in full force, but he would say,”Yes,” to anything. Then laugh….so we all would laugh with him.

Me: Maybe too much exercise the day before. Kept me minimal yesterday and made arrangements for half an hour massage today.

G: Still smiling.

Over the years I have collected a good sized shelf of quilting books. Quilting history, quilting “how to’s,” and yesterday I dug around in them all to see what sparked my sense of humor. My goals were to keep my hip and knee quiet while using my student elbow….that blossomed during the scanning….quiet. Yes, wearing out does take a sense of humor. I’m doing mine in red.

Following everyone’s suggestions, I started this quilt all over. It’s still to be red in color, and there will still be a focus on transportation.

I had to ask myself, “What do I like to do?” Always I like nine patches. They are within my mathematical capabilities…with G’s help Nine patch variations which make stars will be done in all red on red. These will be set next to blocks that have planes, trains, and cruise ships. The quilt should be amuse me in the end. Best of all, I should have a new red quilt to go with the red pillows in my living room.

At least I am not color blind in the red range as I am in the blue green range. Imagine a colorist color blind.

No appliqué this time. I do well piecing things, so I’ll piece these transportation blocks…unless I can’t figure out any other way around curves and sheer. Perhaps one or two lines of satin stitching to highlight smoke or hold down a wing will create a less cartoonish image that the first try. All the edges were satin stitched on that block. I’ll try the math on one or two of the star blocks this morning after my dip in the pool. We will see if I survive me.

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  1. Hope to see this quilt, or a block or two, soon. I still have 3 to go on my quilt and then I can try and figure out how to put it together with the batting and backing fabric. I sure hope to finish this year! I too love quilt books; have quite a few myself. Hope all the kinks are worked out of the knees, hips and elbow soon.


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