March 5, 2008


Photo: 1982, 1981, 1984, CA.

Duck: He ate dinner. “I’m going to my room now.” And off he went. “Thanks for calling,” he said waving goodbye.

Me: Finished Volume 13. Being me and over reacting to the Duck-Doc thing. That wasn’t so good. Good walk, good cooking for 4 days, and a good computer room cleaning though. Hurrah.

G: Found that he had to redo vast bits of his latest files….wore him out. Dealt with the Duck mess with aplomb. He’s my hero. Then I made him clean up his computer area that hadn’t been dusted for 6 weeks. He’s still my hero.
CA was a passionate, creative, tiny woman who always strode the different road. Her life choices may not have been yours or mine, but they were never boring. As she pushed through her days, she traveled with her camera in hand leaving behind her a legacy of portraits that still catch the eye with a sympathy no others can.

Time has not been kind to the images in my journals. They exist damaged, glue impacted, dust dotted, and color changed. The labs didn’t always rinse the prints completely, and even some of the black and white images are yellowed into ugliness.

I don’t think she would care. She was cavalier about her photography. Many images she just discarded. One day she brought boxes of them over and told me to take what I would. I did, joyfully gathering her vision of my friends and family to stick in my journals.

Today these CA pictures are my memories.


  1. Mage, PS could definitely help. When (!) things ease off your way, we could do a session or two together if you so wish.

  2. Hi Lilalia.......These have been photoshopped within an inch of my knowlege. They were truly yellowed, covered with spots, and generally biodegraded. They are a tiny bit better, but it's all I am willing to give them, and too, it's all I know.

    My computer is tired today too. I cannot seem to leave notes on your blog. I'll restart and try again.


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