March 29, 2008

Not Stopping by the Side of the Road

Main entrance to The Legend Condos finished with the whiffle ball field to the left, Park In The Park, 2008.

Bed: Yes, we bought a bed. A new bed in pine, with slats and low flat arms. Trundle bed, three drawers, and two mattresses are included and will arrive here next weekend in two big boxes. G will deliver

Duck: Very slow. Very different sounding tho his words were the same. “I thought I would stay here for the night and see if I liked it,” he told us over dinner. G complained for the very first time, “Saying ‘This is your home” is getting old.”

Me: Barely creeping along.

G: Snapped a bit at me, but wonderful after he got fed. I think all the dust got to him too.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.
Today trundle bed for eldest. Tomorrow HS Reunion. Monday: “Play Ball.”
  • We both found one good shirt each at thrift stores while we were searching for trundle beds. He found a Tommy Bahama and I a brand new Padres shirt. I find I am now a thrift store snob. If the clothes aren’t aligned by color, I won’t look at them. Oh, Hit me on the head with a 2X4, please.
  • G was patience itself today. The continuing bed search found round topped head and foot boards, big head boards, poor construction, and not one used one for us. Over his reluctance to buy pine, we finally bought one of the first beds we saw…a natural wood pine trundle bed that also has drawers underneath. Simple. Combined, it’s two beds and a dresser. It’s also perfect for a tiny studio cottage. We will lend her our Morris rocking chair. We are not using it right now, and she needs a chair.

  • TMI: Ever since the colonscopy, I’ve had real trouble getting my IBS back into balance. Today each thrift store sent me running into their bathrooms. You bet I am grateful they now allow customers use of the facilities. One last massive IBS attack at a new thrift store, and made me rush G into a wash job on the car just so I could use their bathroom.

  • Our house is becoming overrun by animals. Not live ones, mind you, but stuffed. The giant bunny I found at the Cancer Thrift Store lives with a growing number of others that are now stuck into every corner. Sometimes, I’m not the guilty one, but today I added to the menagerie with the ugliest, awkward, tiny, furry bear that I have every seen. It’s even got a patch on it’s forehead. Then again, the bunny has had it’s whiskers shaved off. Maybe I just feel sorry for them all….but it has to cease.

  • The Legend, a condo building out in center field is finished and occupied now. I’ve watched with genuine delight the fa├žade easement that saved a small building as the main entrance. I’ve enjoyed the architectural play by play with brick and steel that eased a modern building into a corner between three 1800’s brick and mortar warehouses. I share a bit of it with you here. Enjoy.

Warehouse building, Eighth street now where there will be a park inside the ball park, 2004.

View from the back showing the stand alone easement, and across the street another easement underweigh, 2004.

Construction well under weigh, 2006.

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