March 17, 2008

Parts Is Parts

Out of focus knees aboard the Midway, 2006.

Duck: Beginning to swing back toward confusion again. Didn’t understand he lived there.

Me: Walked, read, puttered, imagine that, ate, visited Duck. Nothing earth shaking. Wearing green.

G: G’s decided to resign from the board. In frustration. He’s done this job eight years. Thanks for checking my quilting measurements too.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule. We only have to work 77 out of 84 games this year. Wow. Yearly training is on the 20th, 9 to 1.
This afternoon is free, but not the morning. Every Monday morning, Bee and I talk. This morning we won’t have long to talk as I need to be to the PT lady during our usual conversation time. Did I say I had to shower?

I reach for my list knowing full well that unless I write everything down, I won’t remember it. I’m much like Duck in that regard…remembering nothing. Bee first….perhaps I can call her back later. Shower and PT. Bank……for the little pile of dollars on my desk won’t pay both parking and bail for G’s good brown shoes. They are getting shined. I like errand days like this.

The one part of my day I don’t like is the PT. Now if it were doing any good, I’d cheer. It’s not. I hurt fractionally less now. The impending nerve damage has vanished, but how much of this is because I’m taking action in my own behalf. G’s helping with desensitizing exercises on that damaged tendon. The frontal pain is almost gone. I’m getting a specific kind massage….no pain for two days, imagine. All this, and I have two remaining weeks before baseball begins and the back and side of my hip still hurt. That’s what I have to tell her today.

Some of this is my fault. I’ve spent too much time here pounding….yes, on my keyboard. Not only am I back in my wrist brace but should be in my elbow brace. Student elbow wins, darn it. My knee, the one with arthritis looks like a balloon hit it. And too, it tells me that the weather is changing. For the better, I hope.

Did I say my left side was ok? Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

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  1. I hate PT also. Hopefully it's doing some good though.


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