March 15, 2008

Saturday Delights

Off the stern of the Monarch of the Seas, San Pedro, CA, 2007.

Duck: Like night and day.

Me: …and again successfully.

G: Grinning enthusiastically.
We went in to see Duck last night and found him back to his happily demented self. It was like a gift from the gods. He was better than we had seen him in months. Humorous. Delightfully polite. Sentimental even. Shaking more.

Dr. John, G, and I were his delighted audience as he talked not unhappily about his mother, Wisconsin, and asked questions. Of course he didn’t remember what we answered or said, and we said it all again. It was a joy to say it all again.

Dinner with Dr. John afterwards. He was able to discuss the fact that he too was reluctantly coming to the conclusion that he might need help. G gave him Duck’s caseworkers number, and we left to sleep, to sign the papers for the cruise this morning, and to enjoy the day before a little rain and dinner with old college friends.

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  1. It must be hard to take each day as it comes, when weeks and weeks past and Duck is steadily getting worse. Glad to hear you had a day of respite.

    So, what is the cruise going to be? Are you on the west coast? Not much out in the ocean, though there is the coastline.


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