March 20, 2008

A Single Milky Way

A simplified, one quarter, Milky Way block, red on red, 2008.

Duck: We continue very pleased. He must have fallen again as we found the PT person with him trying to get him to remember to call for assistance when going to the bathroom. He told her he wants to remain independent; he told us he doesn’t have any money to tip the help. At least he can read the signs they posted for him.

Me: Wednesday: Cut more red stars. Bank, Duck, dinner by the bay. Nightmares got me up at 3. Weeks of nightmares. Weeks of waking at 3. Thursday: A cold, chilly Spring morning. Off to “Training” around eight. Pete will be there at the same time. Misery loves company.

G: He’s still singing. The “Happy” light really works on his SAD. We ill know more about re-financing later today. Dinner out before Duck. Poked among the reds after dinner yesterday.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.
Each piece of fabric brings back memories. Not always mine.

One little old lady’s family donated giant volumes of fabric to the AIDS Quilt. She hadn’t spoken to her husband in years. Gee, I wonder what he did; she sewed. Some of these fabrics were my friend Harriette’s fabrics. When she first began quilting, she washed each piece and hemmed it the moment it arrived in her house. I have a few of those so clearly hers. Some were mine, one piece even from the sixties, some a daughters from her years in Hawaii. Other little bits evoke whole decades just with their textures.

I smile as I sort. Originally, I planned a multicolored quilt, now it is to be a red on red flag to wave at the bull. Today I sorted through the many multicolored boxes of fabrics G had hauled way up here to the computer room. I laid aside the brilliant reds, muted reds, even a darkened red or two to play with later. There is a whole box of greyed reds and terra cotta reds that were so popular in the nineties also. I mix them stirring carefully…like among like, a twinkle here and sparkle there to catch the eye. BĂ©arnaise for the soul.


The Milky Way block or the Friendship Star variation block are very old patterns seen in quilts dating from
the 1700’s says AllExperts.

AllExperts Friendship Star

Block Central: Friendship Star

Milky Way


  1. Golly, that milky way piece is sure pretty. I was wondering what red on red would look like. I'd only seen white on white before. This is really going to work I think! Makes me begin to itch to finish my quilt (3 squares to go plus piecing the squares together and adding the batting and back)!

  2. Now I know what sort of photos you will choose for your collages. If I was to make a quilt I would choose new fabric. Don't know why. I can intellectually understand the beauty of old material lending meaning and memory to the quilt. But, in my heart I'd like to start off with a clean slate and see how each neutral element changes in colour and form.


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