March 12, 2008


A sunset view of the Pacific from the stern of the Monarch of the Seas. Photo: G, 2007.

Duck: I asked him how he was, and he replied, “Exhausted.” But he perked up.

Me: Sunburn. Shame on me. Began searching for white cruise pants. Ross offered JC Penney’s stuff two for the price of one Mervyns sale pants. I got two, in two lengths. Set for cruise.

G: He really did fall into a really entertaining job. He must be starting a new file today as he wore a Grumpy polo to work today. G was the hero for allowing me to go shopping again.
I got suckered into a link from the Ocean Liner List this morning. Distracted is me, it did. I found myself at a link to the Flickr set on the SS INDEPENDENCE. The photographs were taken just days before she was towed away toward Alang, and I was taken right along.

Not only was she a unique, charming, and graceful ocean liner, but she was one of two remaining United States built ocean liners. Where the UNITED STATES has been stripped to remove her asbestos, the INDEPENDENCE is a complete time capsule of her last cruises in Hawaii intermixed with the beauty of her mid-century design.

I confess, I looked at photos this morning way past my walking, swimming, or any of those other things I should be doing for me times. Ah well, I find there is room for emotion, passion, and sentimentality in life too. Always.


Flickr SS Independence pool

Maritime Matters: Independence history and tour

Google Satellite Map: Mothballed image with history


Plan Philly: Onboard the SS United States

SS United States film Trailer: YouTube, 2008

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  1. When I first saw the photo, it looked so peaceful. Then I read the text and was saddened to think of such beauty no more.


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