March 23, 2008

Staying Alive

G working in his folks trailer while G’ette waits. Doodle: 1984, MGH.

There are days like this…sometimes today, sometimes tomorrow. The sun is shining, the skies are blue here, and your toes are tapping….or mine are.

Some days he putters and I sit. Then there are days I putter and he sits. Does it matter? Sometimes all that matters is to keep the toes tapping.


  1. Mage,

    Thanks for the Young at Heart choir.

    I really enjoyed the singing and dancing. Especially the toe tapper in the white suit. The mixture of young and old people was just right;
    I loved it......

    By the way, Mage, they towed the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy into the Port of Philadelphia the other day and what a crowd it attracted coming up the delaware River. Some sight, but a little sad seeing that once great ship being towed into port to be put in mothballs...

  2. Hi Nancy.........yes, she's a conventionally powered craft, and that doomed her to a far shorter life. I checked out the news about her online, and that fact seems to be the important, leading item in her mothballing. What a shame they hadn't made her nuclear.

    And too, they have a film coming out. We saw a trailer for it in the theater yesterday.


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