March 4, 2008

Stolen Moments

Golden sunset light glowing off the city walls. The Star of India and the Maritime Museum are to the right.

Duck: Fading even more. He no longer turns on his TV. This week another derm appointment and a urology appointment. They want G to go with him, and we know they can transport him. G says will phone the doctors.

Me: Again, vastly better. The needed new tires and stove on the MC leave me feeling guilty about eating out. Stolen moments indeed.

G: Had a very nervous spot during his day….but it wasn’t his fault. This company handles problems so much better than the last one.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule. We only have to work 77 out of 84 games this year. Wow.
Sometimes you just have to deal with one pain immediately, so you can go deal with another pain with some degree of humor.

“Can he see me,” I asked the dentist’s wife. “I have a nasty cancer sore and it is getting worse.”

“Can you come in right now? He will be done with his next patient in minutes.”

I was dressed and on my way before you could say, “You forgot your watch.” It’s a good thing Grumpy has a clock.

With a wave of a cue tip, he put a solution on the cancer sore while admonishing me about trauma and brushing too hard. On my way out, the Wife told me that she was running it by our insurance then told me about a new spot to eat on the bay. “Appetizers for five bucks,” she said. “From three to five thirty.”

So I zipped up to PT, told her that I went home hurting worse last week, and delighted in the massage, stretching, and heat for an hour. I gotta get in the pool. She insisted I try it, handed me a list of exercises….just the ones I used to teach, and sent me off to find a pool. With my stomach grumbling, I found the Y above our condo that gave me the fees, a brochure, and a free day pass to try it out.

Lunch, scanning, Duck, then whisking G off to an appetizing happy hour dinner on a deck by the bay at sunset. We shared three much like tapas plates of calamari, potstickers on clear rice noodles, and crusted brie/salad/toast each with their unique sauce. They actually offer a menu that includes non-alcoholic drinks, and I enjoyed the fresh ginger and crushed mint/lime dink that went well with the supper.

While we ate, we delighted in this stolen hour talking and watching the sunset glow against the cityscape.

The car carrier Oriental Phoenix heading out of the bay while we ate.


  1. That is what I meant. Done scanning them. Would love to see some. The nosh sounds good. I started WW last week so hearing about yummy food is as far as I get this week! LOL!

  2. Sounds a little like my dentist day last week, but I didn't get such a great dinner. Glad you could enjoy it.

  3. Well, drama queens are better than those who come into the doctor's or dentist's office carrying their head under their arms.


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