March 21, 2008


The stands from second base, Photo: G, Jan. 2008

Duck: One of those “Doctors” who has so been bedeviling him wanted an official diagnosis. A Pychiatrist came yesterday to examine him. When the poor doc tried to introduce him, Duck replied, “I don’t know you,” and delighted us. He’s officially diagnosed now with end stage dimentia.

Me: I’m trained. Eldest Daughter got a studio cottage for her and MJ. We are all looking for a trundle bed that can be used for a sofa during the day. It’s one block from the bus. She has a table with chairs that she has and can use as a desk for school. She needs beds and a chair.

Notes: I so appreciate them. Remember, I’m going to be short on time “shortly.” I’ll be reading you, but I may not have time to note back.

G: We have planned a “Date Night.” Or is that a “Date Day.”

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.
Tho Grumpy and I caught every light wrong and were stopped by every trolley, we made it to the parking lot with time to spare. That’s when we discovered we had to pay three dollars. I had a twenty. Now I owe one of my dear old green shirt cops two dollars. Thanks to him, I made the training on time.

How wonderful to see so many friends. How delightful to be welcomed, and hugged, waved to, smiled at, and best of all there was Pete looking fully recovered at last. We toured, walked, talked, and I literally ran hither and yon with my camera in hand capturing bits of the ballpark I can use all throughout the season here in my blog.

I’m sure the tour wasn’t there so I could have fun, but I did.

After a light lunch and the red carpet treatment, we gathered in the seating bowl to freeze “all together” through our “Major League Memories” training. The colder it got, the less I heard, until I was actually shivering. After a Cracker Jack break for me and a smoke for Pete, we moved ourselves into the sunshine. “Please fill out a performance report”….so I did. “Too cold,” I told them. “Missed the intimacy of the small groups.” I was so opinionated and chilled that I even gave them my full name and phone number. Then as we left, the owner of my company was right ahead of us. “Cold,” I told him in an unwanted comment. Even with a shirt, heavy turtleneck, coat and sunshine, I didn’t fully warm through until I was back at Grumpy.

I’d been trained.


  1. Yeah, before you know it, we'll be sweatin' up a storm and wishing for cooler weather. Keep heart.


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