March 29, 2008


Charlie and his owner visit, 2008.

Duck: Slightly less confused.

Me: I survived. Long day. I was early as were many others.

G: Was a little cranky when he got there, but Pizza was the cure. He had a ball with the baseball experts in 310, and we won.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.
Today trundle bed for eldest. Tomorrow HS Reunion. Monday: “Play Ball.”
I was visited and remembered by all. Best of all, Maya and Bailey brought me a giant bag of doggie bones. Oh what delightful owners they have.

Then Sophie stopped in.

All my other fur friends came by too. Remembered me too. Just before G arrived, Zach stopped by with gramma and Grampa. Sure enough, he had grown that extra foot and didn’t remember me. He smiled tho. Made my day.

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