April 7, 2008

American Iron

The world via GM. All photos copyright G, April 2008.>

Duck: Each day this week, he has been a little more awake. Finally after two days in a not responsive state, they admitted his meds had been adjusted. G kept a straight face. By Saturday he was a little more awake and like himself.

Me: My whole day every day was focused on getting through with minimal pain. Finally took one of the docs low level pills and in combination with the desentization of the tendon, finally feel half way human again. At nine, I’m off to the dentist.

G: He and Grumpy picked up Marie’s bed, but she didn’t move as the agency didn’t have her sign the papers. Now it is next weekend. I urged him to go to the Hot Rod Show in Del Mar, and he did. Doing something for himself by himself is foreign. He had a ball.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.

Game Weather schedule.
If we can’t go together, one of us won’t go alone to some special venue. When I saw that Sunday there was to be a Hot Rod Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, I urged him to go. I knew the “Car Guy” in him would have a ball.

“You should have seen the world on that Oldsmobile,” were the first words he said. I confess; I had to think about that for a moment.

He loaded his photographs, all 200 some, on my computer. There I was, after work my feet up and my fingers scrolling through the images. What fun he had. What wow’s I had enjoying his enthusiasm.

There are hundreds more, all of wonderful cars and trucks and marques long gone. Lots of 60’s and 70’s but few Ford Trucks. “Perhaps,” he said, “They didn’t hold up as well.”


  1. great pictures!!! Hope you are feeling better. have you seen my new site yet?

  2. Hi Canyon......I can't access it as you don't have your profile logged on. Sorry.


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