April 4, 2008

The Elcano

The third largest tall ship afloat. Stern view of the ELCANO at her San Diego visit, April 2008.>

Duck: Continues down hill at a dramatic rate.

Me: Wednesday, awful pain even with three super Tylanol. Thursday felt great with one Aleve….that the doc doesn’t want me to take. Friday night game, Saturday and Sunday day games. I’ll be here again on Monday….after the 0900 dentist’s appointment.

G: Continues my hero. Tonight he has a game. Saturday he has off. Sunday he is helping move Marie up in Escondido.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.

Game Weather schedule.
  • Life is just a bowl of layers. On the top: sports bra, silky, heavy knit turtle neck, red uniform shirt, fleece hoodie if needed, uniform jacket all topped off by a hat scarf and gloves. Bottom half: compression stockings, tights, socks, pants, and multilayer padded shoes. I’m not alone in all this either.

  • Duck wandered and fell on Wednesday. By evening he could be found in the row of waiting elders sitting in front of the nursing station. On Thursday, he did another walk-about and got caught down the street while we investigated a locked down facility. By the time G got there, he was medicated and dozing in bed. Dozing is a good choice as that new locked down facility takes only private insurance patients. No Medi Cal accepted there.

    Maybe we can keep him where he is but medicated. What an awful choice.

  • Some employees complaining about the “do it my way or else regime” at work, but after listening to the complaints I could let it go. It’s his account. He makes the decisions, and this is his decision.

  • Ships are much more fun some days than baseball. On our third game, we lost in the ninth inning as our wonderful saver gave the game away. He came back yesterday to close the ninth inning of a Thursday day game with a one, two three punch that left the sparse crowds cheering. Tonight’s a night game with the Dodger’s, fireworks, and dear G in attendance. Amazingly we are number one.

Top: the bow of the Spanish Training ship Juan Sebastian de Elcano. Note the unique coiling of the lines. Bottom: Note the brass details on the rails, stair rails, and the stair steps with her name in the brass. The frieze: IOmages of the unenclosed bridge. Fitting modern electronics into a 1927 open bridge must have been quite a design challenge.


Schoonerman: Elcano

Talshipstock: Elcano Pictures

A history and images

One man’s journey

Elcano in San Diego at night. Photograph, 2008.

Filmed in 2007. A lovely few moments entering harbor with the Elcano all sails set and a flotilla crowding around her. There are many other videos of her on YouTube also.


  1. great post and fotos. is there a translation word for the coiling technique? btw, #1 and #2 on mine referred to the first and second post about orion. cheers

  2. What a wonder ship. What wonderful photos as well.

  3. Mage,

    Your weather is San Diego always surprises me. We Northeasterners have always been told that the weather in SD is usually perfect. 70 degrees and sunny.

    When I read how you dress for Padres games, I know that is not true and then I feel better about the cold miserable rainy weather we are having at the moment.

    When we were kids and complained about the rain in April, my Mother would always have us sing:

    "Though April showers may come our way,
    They bring the flowers that bloom in May."

    I hope you don't mind if I say I think you and G are doing exactly the right things with D. I know it is a hard choice for you but being medicated and safe is so much better than wandering around and getting hurt.

  4. Thank you Nancy........I've missed you and your notes. Yes, mother had me sing a song about May showers will bring May flowers....or something like that. And too, 50 degrees isn't cold, but in the dark canyons of an inner city with the wind blowing, it the cold seems to go right through one.


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