April 23, 2008

Five Days Left

Monarch of the Seas at Catalina, 2007.

Duck: Telophase sent him to the cemetery instead of to his cousin. Calls flew back and forth, and she will pick up the $600.00 to inter him and put the date on his headstone. I am only left hoping they don’t dig up the dog they don’t know is there when they go to bury him.

Me: Walked a mile in two lump sums. Slept really well. I’ll walk a half mile today then stand for 8 to 12 hours. I hope the two equal one mile. Working three nights and two days before we leave.

G: Walked. He’s counting the days till we leave. Today he has a board meeting. Our management company didn’t notify board members when their terms were up, so G and other’s thought it wasn’t their turn to run for election. They didn’t. One member is resigning, and G will be rotated into that position. He will no longer be treasurer, oh hurrah, but will still be able to hold our awful management company responsible.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.

Game Weather schedule.

Cruise:Mexican Riviera Cruise Reviews.
We are both counting the days until we are out of here. This should be another of those bulleted entries. I know not what I do, and the bullets seem to clarify things in my head.

No teeth. They are still in the lab in LA. Just for once, I refuse to worry. I bet they arrive Friday, and somehow dear Dr. Lee will figure out a way to get them in my mouth. I do have three hours on Monday morning to play with.

No more added salt. It’s twice in a row I have had horrible blood pressure at the Doctor’s office. I haven’t got time for another stroke.

Packing by wads, by clumps, groups, and basketfuls this morning…..that’s me the next five days. I’ll bring up the ziplocks and lay out the personal things I am taking today. Toothbrush, hairbrush….that sort of thing. I need to buy fiber….I take that for my IBS. I’m out. Whooops. A trip to Longs will fix that. Maybe I will pack socks and shoes too. Who knows.

In the picture below, here I am in 2001 leaving Waterloo Station for Paris. Yes, I wear that scarf to work every day. Nope, I shan’t be taking a raincoat on this cruise, but I will be carrying one of those suitcases. That big suitcase got us to London, Paris, and to our doorstep before one wheel fell off. Kapoof. The soft green one carries our pillows and any extras still. One always comes home with more than one took.

The most exciting part of this coming trip is that it’s the first with a higher resolution camera plus stabilization. Not only are all our previous digital trip photographs prone to fuzziness, what a good way to describe it, but any I took are motion blurred. Hopefully the new camera will solve that problem.


  1. Hi Mage,

    I am so happy for you that you are taking this wonderful trip.

    I liked the picture of you in England and had to smile that you carry your pillows with you. So do we !!

    I would leave clothes home to have room for my pillow.

    I have tickets to the ball game on 4/28 . The Padres are playing my Phillies here at home. I will think of you....

  2. Dear Nancy,,,,,,,We aren't doing at all well. Yes, there is no travel without our own pillows. Thanks so much for stopping by. You make it a great day.

  3. Confession time! I carry my pillow with me as often as possible, too. But have you heard some airlines have begun charing for extra bags? Bummer!


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