April 12, 2008

Moving Marie

Above: The Daughters in 1985.

Duck: Still Duck things only smaller things. Lots of praying as we move on.

Me: Teary. Sniveling all day. Reactive. Tired. We did it all anyway. Napped when we got home. Ate soft stuff. Can you say, cut a slice of pizza up. Dinner soft pancakes.

G: Less depressed. Still very tired. Napped. Still long silences. This hit him very hard.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.

Game Weather schedule.
Today’s our second day riding a pickup truck from the cool of the beach to the 90 degree heat inland in Escondido. She’s found a darling cottage with a historical plaque. Beyond tiny for even 1918, it looks as if it were an early motel on Old Highway 395.

We set up and installed the bed. We were with her while she signed the papers, parted with her hard earned cash, and listened to the rules to live on this site. Inspections. Twice a week inspections, and many other rules. She certainly isn’t left without a structure. She is nly sober because of a severely structured program, and she was very worried about structure.

I was bossy. G and I embarrassed her by being loving….how charming. I made a fuss about windows that opened, but when the air is 112 degrees Fahrenheit, life is slightly more comfortable if the air can move a bit. I should have just backed off. She called me mother. I did back off.

This Saturday we do this again in even hotter air. Sunday we do nothing.


US 395: San Diego County

Old Highway 395


  1. Dear Mage,

    Hope you are making out okay in all that heat. I know from recent posts that you have had cool weather so I am sure the heat must be a change for you and G.

    How did you know I love maps? If I have to wait for someone or if I just have time to kill, I read maps. So, naturally, I jumped at the chance to see the map of old Highway 395. I studied it for the longest time and now I want you to know that you could not lose me in that area of San Diego County.

    Hope Sunday is a day of rest for you and G and that starting Monday you have a whole different life ahead of you. I don't know if it will be better, but I know it will be different, so hang on to your hat and flow with the tide..Enjoy!

  2. Mage, I didn't realise that Monday will be different than Mondays have been for a long long time. How astute of Nancy to point this out. Are you and George planning on filling up the holes with other things, or are you two going to try to slow down the pace?

  3. Hi Both of you........we are slowing down. I'm going back to one thing I have been missing...exercise. Perhaps I will even begin to cook again. Exercise first as I am apallingly out of condition.

  4. PS: Already every day is different as we no longer stop by the nursing home every day. Duck's passing has left more than one hole in our lives.


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