April 27, 2008


At sea. 2007.

Duck: Richard Ebbott Caird: His obituary ran online today, Sunday, with a condolence book.

Cruise:Mexican Riviera Cruise Reviews.
The heat is draining. Poor Cee, my gate supervisor, doesn’t do at all well in the heat. We all take care of her. We roast no matter what. She finds air conditioning. I follow the shadows of the huge ramp above me. The days blend together as the heat rises off the tarmac.

Soon we will be drenched in sunscreen far out to sea. Smiling in the cool ocean breezes.


  1. Good sailing and fair winds! I wish you and G. a voyage of wonder and delight. May your worries and creaks and pains stay behind you.

  2. A fantastic photo, just as merrymary said!


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