April 13, 2008


Not missed photo: The garage where this long weekend began. Missed shots include a rolled over cement mixer on 163 north. I pressed the off button instead.

Duck: Many pictures of him surfaced all from the period he lived in San Diego. Nothing older. Three pictures we think are his parents but he didn’t write on the backs so we do not know. I will scan all these and ask his cousin if she wants them.

Me: Yesterday: Bossy. Controlling. Bitchy. Had a horrible time keeping my mouth shut. Today we are both drinking lots of water and staying quiet. Strained abs. I’m in appalling shape.

G: Yesterday: Grumpy, snappish……..oh, we were a fine pair.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.
We sorted Duck things Thursday, organized the garage a bit, sorted Marie things, and Friday we drove up with the bed which had the wrong sized mattress. Got new mattress. Yesterday as the heat escalated, we drove back up and made three round trips from her old house to the new one with friends and family. We went by Home Depot for wood to raise the top bed so the bottom one would slide under….with covers. Bought sheets as the volunteer who were to buy some didn’t bring them. G picked out Thumbelina sheets for MJ who knows all the Thumbelina songs.


  1. The place looks homey already. Bravo.

  2. A lovely little cottage. And the quilt does make it look homey! I send my best to both your daughter and mj.


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