April 20, 2008

Scattered Bits

Confusions just as I find in my work notebooks: Scattered Bits from afar yet functional from close up. I seem to always catch views of ships like this. No clear cut images. Four ships in port this day: Radiance of the Seas, Crystal Harmony, Infinity, Carnival Spirit, October 23, 2005.

Duck: Obit office closed until tomorrow.

Me: Followed G around. Ate Chocolate. Dinner with the feasters that didn’t agree with either of us. Airing suitcases and bags; laying out clothes for the trip a week away. Dinner tonight with Carrie at Olive Garden Grossmont.

G: Did computer stuff all day. We use an old Netscape 7.1 for our email program…it won’t work with Vista. Thunderbird seems to be a Eudora/Netscape clone that will work with Vista. He likes it, but will it play well in a network? He likes the struggle of setting up networks; I hide.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.
Game Weather schedule.
At work, I keep a notebook with me always. Each page has a reason, but sometimes those reasons escape me. “0121/0221.” It takes me a moment to remember. That’s the ending time, and ending time plus an hour of that endless game of 22 innings. What else is in there? “Vote for Patty another page.” I don’t think I remembered to do that. Then I find words from a bad day after Duck’s death.

“Lost socks, unzipped pants,
lost mind
this day of rememberance
this day forgetting petting the dog
wiping my eyes with dog fur
crying into my sleeve
a reality not shared
in public.”

“Cancer free! Oh hurrah……FunB. 2147/2247.” These have been long games this year. Ceaselessly endless, and won or lost by a single hit. Usually theirs.

Names: Maya….she’s new and darling, Bailey…who is on a diet, Fernando, Webster, Dolche, and Charlie who is back east while his owner travels……..dogs names. Justin Huber. Our new left fielder. I write everything down dogs names intermixed with human names hoping to bypass that burp in my brain. Buster…who is Buster? Mark Cotsay? Once with the Padres then the A’s, now traded to the Braves……I must have noted that during Golf. Everyone here still admires him. Pedro Perez? We must have acquired him and he must live on my side. One never knows.

Now, Rudy Perez I know. Small now. You can see there was vast power once. He played as a Yankee and proudly shows the pictures. Now he is a graying GSR who lost his wife last year. He calls to me from up the block, “Hola, me vida, me corazon.”

“Me corazon,” I call back. Smiling. Laughing to see some of his old vitality return.

“Dramamine, Bling watch, Band-Aids?” Last years trip? This year’s is upcoming. In fact. I have my wardrobe to organize as I have two days of errands, work five days then vanish. Yes, gone five days from the 28th. Bling needed this year too. Ditto Band-Aids and Dramamine.

“In each pocket lies their truth to hand
a list, a guide, a folder with a single word
reminders, instructions, rules,
meaning set in stone.

No laissez faire here.”

Nothing laissez faire here today either. Maybe that’s just what I need as I head into my day.

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